Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Exposed! Lawyer Claims Aaliya Married to 3 Men

 Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s lawyer made serious allegations against the actor’s wife. Media asked why Nawaz is still quiet

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the Bollywood icon, is usually hailed for his excellent acting skills, dialogue delivery, and choice of roles. However, the actor has been hitting the headlines for the past couple of days for the wrong reasons.

 What is happening in Nawaz’s personal life? 

Nawaz’s personal life has now become a media buzz. Allegations and counterattacks are the new normal for the Siddiqui family.

Now, Nawaz Siddiqui’s lawyer has come up with fresh allegations against the actor’s wife Aaliya Siddique. He organized a press conference in Delhi and presented a shocking series of allegations and evidence against Aaliya.

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Allegation 1: Aaliya Siddiqui was already married to a person named Vinay Bhargawa.

Allegation 2: Aaliya deceived everyone as Zainab but in reality, she was a Hindu girl named Anjali Pandey.

Allegation 3: Aaliya never divorced Vinay while she was married to Nawaz in 2010.

Allegation 4: She allegedly again tied the knot with a person named Rahul in 2008-09. They lived together in Goregaon.

Allegation 5: Aaliya manipulated the official documents. The date of birth mentioned in her 8th standard transfer certificate is 18 April 1979 while her passport records her DOB- as 18 April 1982.

Media grilled Nawaz’s Lawyer

While Nawaz’s lawyer was expecting some support from the media and fans, it seems that the evidence provided by him might be true but hard to believe. These new findings have left everyone baffled and in shock.

Question 1: Why is Nawaz still tight-lipped despite being allegedly harassed by his wife?

Question 2: How did Nawaz and Aaliya meet? Did Nawaz undergo background verification before exchanging vows with Aaliya?

Question 3: Why none of Aaliya’s alleged husbands has come forward?

Question 4: Why are Nawaz and Aaliya living under the same roof after the divorce? They were even spotted together posing as a family on many occasions. ?

Question 5: Why did it take a decade for Nawaz to collect evidence against his wife?

Well, it seems there are lots of things that still need to be clarified. We are expecting Nawaz to break the ice this time.

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They did not provide me food, bed, bathroom- Aaliya

The advocate of Aaliya Siddiqui, wife of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has previously made serious and shocking allegations against the actor and his mother. He alleged that the actor and his family members have not provided ‘food, bed, bathroom to take a bath’ to his client in the last week.

In a statement, Rizwan Siddiquee, the advocate, said, “Mr Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his family members did everything possible to remove my client Mrs Aaliya Siddiqui from the house. They filed an untenable criminal complaint of trespass against her.

After that, through the police, they threatened to arrest her and were calling her each day to the police station after sunset.” Last week, Aaliya claimed she was being harassed at her home after Nawazuddin’s mother, Mehrunisa Siddiqui filed a complaint against her over a property dispute. Aaliya is currently staying at Nawazuddin’s Andheri house in Mumbai.

She reportedly returned from Dubai with her kids, Shora and Yaani, due to passport issues. Earlier, Nawaz’s mother, Mehrunisa Siddiqui, had filed an FIR against Aaliya for alleged trespassing, among other charges.


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Will the couple end up getting divorce again?

In 2020, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife, Zainab, aka Aaliya, had alleged that she was a victim of domestic violence, which is why she wanted a separation. But as per reports, the couple thought to give another chance to their relationship. However, it seems that nothing had worked out in their favour.

The advocate mentioned that Zainab and her minor children are being kept under surveillance in the Siddiqui household. Mumbai court has issued a notice to the Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui after Aaliya filed a complaint against Nawazuddin and his family.

Aaliya’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee told ETimes: “The first case that was filed was a counter case to their complaint. We have filed it under section 509, an insult to modesty. The basis of that is elementary. Nawazuddin’s mother claims that Aaliyah is not his wife in her complaint. So, in this scenario, this statement must come from Nawaz, not the mother. Suppose Nawaz claims that Alia is not his wife. In that case, it is contrary to all the documents where he has declared Aaliyah as his wife, which includes government documents, passport and interviews.”


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He added, “So if the mother is right and Nawaz is wrong, then it is a case of rape against Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Because if you deceitfully make a lady believe that you are her husband and have any sexual intercourse by making her falsely believe you are a husband, then it is a case of rape.

Because Nawaz is quiet, I am not initiating any rape complaint against him.” An Andheri court in Mumbai issued a legal notice against Nawazuddin and his family after receiving the complaint from Aaliya.

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