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India gets into a festive mood as Navratri begins from today!

 Navratri begins from today what is your plan in this year?

Festival of Joy, color and dance is back

Indian culture is enriched with various beautiful festivals and customs. We Indians are especially known for our values and the way we celebrate our festivals. Every Festival from Diwali to Holi has some history and we surely enjoy it.

We very well know that India is a cultural diverse country. People of different culture lives here, shares great bonding with people of other communities and celebrate each other’s festivals. From today festival of Navratri has already begun and it will be celebrated with immense joy all across the country for next nine days.

India gets into a festive mood as Navratri begins from today!
Durga Puja Celebration

It is a nine day festival where majority of people keep fasts. And specialty of Navratri festival is Durga Pooja. Though Durga Pooja is the festival of Bengalis, but this colorful festival is celebrated by the people of all communities. In the Pandals you will encounter various people from different religion. These nine days are considered very pure and therefore, non-veg are strictly restricted and most of the people don’t use onions and garlic during these nine days.

In Delhi, the biggest Durga Pooja takes place at Chittaranjan Park with some different and exclusive themes every year.

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What makes this Festival so special?

We have come up with few things that will give you the insight that what makes this Festival so special. We must tell you that Kolkata’s Durga Pooja is one of the main and beautiful Poojas one can ever witness in their entire life.

  1. Food Stalls that serve mouthwatering foods from Rasugulla to chaat.

2. Durga Pooja is a place where even adults act like a child, you will see group of old people enjoying in the Pandals.

3. The mesmerizing mix of lights and music during Durga Puja intoxicates anyone who comes within a mile of it.

 Navratri begins from today!
Garba nights

4. Traffic jams near the Pandals are the major problem where well dressed people sitting in the cars waiting for long.

5. Long lines for bhog is an epic scene no one gives up because prashad is too yummy.

6. The several magnificent idols of Maa Durga that will truly humble you with their grace and presence!

7. Bhashan take place at the last day of Durga Pooja that is a final goodbye to Maa Durga.

8. Last but not the last, the Sindoor Khela, which is not only beautiful but also auspicious for the Bengali ladies

Apart from Bengal, it is a much –awaited festival of Gujarat as people here wait entire year to play Garba, the traditional dance performed during these nine days.

Happy Navaratri to everyone!

We will keep you updated about from all the events and happenings of this festive season so stay tuned to us.

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