Natural tips to fight flu this winter

Simple ways that can keep flu away from you this Winter

Every season has its own advantages and disadvantages, winter is one of them. If not taken care of ourselves, we can easy suffer from various kinds of flu. If ill it not only affects our daily lives but also our pockets. Here are some natural ways to fight flu.

These days when treatments for even the common cold could cost you thousands, it is better to be aware of some prevention beforehand. Especially, when smog is at its peak. Here are few tips to fight flu this winter season:

  • Wash up on a Regular basis

Flu- like common cold and cough are not bacteria but viruses. Hence, washing hands on regular basis will certainly reduce the risk of catching the flu. No matter if the soap is anti-bacterial or not, washing hands with clean water is what counts.

Natural tips to fight flu this winter
Wash hands to avoid flu
  • Avoid touching surfaces

By avoiding contact with the surfaces in public areas, flu could be avoided to great extend. You never know, who else has touched that surface and if he is infected in some way and the other or not. Avoid making contact with the door knobs, faucets etc directly.

  • Herbal ingredients

To fight flu, one should make sure to have strong immune system. In order to maintain your immune system, one should move towards to usage of more and more herbal ingredients in their food. Consumption of herbal tea on regular basis could do wonders to one’s immune health. Adding the usage of natural ingredients like ginger, garlic, turmeric etc in food would also help.

Natural tips to fight flu this winter
Consume herbal tea before bed

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  • Avoid touching your face

An average person makes contact with his face approximately 16 times in an hour, a study by University of California, Berkeley states. Viruses could be restraint from entering our body by avoiding making hand-to-face contact.

  • Eliminate consumption of Processed food

During the festive season, consumption of processed food articles rises by few notches which badly affect our immune system. Consuming processed flour and sugar articles should be specially avoided.

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