Some Natural hacks to cure earache

Earache, Here are some natural measures to cure it

Have you ever been through an earache? If you have, then you must know how horrible it can be. It can be due to some kind of infection or swelling, which could both be painful.

In such cases, setting up an appointment for the Doctor, then waiting till the clock ticks to your appointment time could mean a hell lot of pain.

So, in order to avoid that much pain, at least temporarily, here are some natural remedies to cure or reduce your earache till you get a proper treatment:

Some Natural hacks to cure earache
Heating pad should relieve some pain
  • Heat

    Placing a hot water bottle or a damp cloth from hot water should just do fine for your aching ear. It is important to make sure that the source is not too hot or else it could affect the ear negatively as well. The warmth is most likely to sooth out some of your pain. It will also improve your blood circulation.

Some Natural hacks to cure earache
Garlic Oil positively sooths ear pain
  • Garlic

Being a strong antibiotic, garlic is an effective remedy for earache. Pouring two-three drops of garlic oil in one’s aching ear could relieve their pain to great extend. Garlic oil is easily available in the market. If not, it could be made at home easily by heating a teaspoon of crushed garlic with sesame oil for few minutes.

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Some Natural hacks to cure earache
Onion is as effective as garlic
  • Onion

  • Similar to garlic, onion helps in relieving the earache to a great extend. It could be used in not just one but many ways. Either a half cut onion could be placed on the aching ear for relief, or it could be wrapped in a warm cloth before placing it over the ear. Onion’s juice could also be used to sooth out the earache.

Some Natural hacks to cure earache
The fast reliever
  • Olive Oil

Olive oil could serve as a lubricant and help in getting rid of the ear infection in mere minutes. Pouring three-four drops of warm olive oil in the aching ear with the help of a dropper or cotton could help with your pain. Mustard oil works in the similar manner.

Some Natural hacks to cure earache
Always the one stop solution
  • Basil leaves

Basil is always the solution for any of your problem. No matter if it is cold or cough or earache. Pouring mere two drops of basil extract in the aching ear after crushing the leaves would provide an instant relief to the pain.

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