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Nationalism vs Patriotism, Activism vs Sedition, your scud vocabulary makes you use them interchangeably or wrongly

Here are the right meanings of a few words that people are confused about and misusing

The present days are difficult. There is something or the other happening every day, there is so much misinformation floating in the air that identifying the wrongs and choosing the rights is only a desire, uncertain enough to look on to. And amidst this confusion, what is prevailing is the audiences, absorbing misinformation and spreading the same. In fact, they have started to use and mix some ideas in such a way that the thin line difference between the near opposite has been blurred. Here are a few words that that are being used by masses wrongly and interchangeably while they have a thin line difference.

1. Protestor vs Terrorist

Protestor – A protestor is someone who simply their statement of disagreement (in various forms of expression) in reference to anything that is disliked or objectionable to them or their community. In simple words, a demonstrator who acknowledges and puts their disagreement.

Terrorist – A person who is using unlawful means to instigate, intimidate, and provoke violence, especially against civilians for their political gains.

2. Dissent vs Crime

Expressing Dissent
 – Holding onto an opinion is at variance with the idea commonly accepted and believed. If a person has to vote and has a different opinion of whom to vote it is a simple example of dissent. If they express this opinion, then it becomes an act of expressing dissent

Crime –  Crime has different meanings and the most suited to understand here is ‘grave offense especially against morality’.

Expressing Dissent, i.e. an act where a person holds onto a different opinion is now been seen as a crime as it is for an idea, that is not similar to what masses feel.

3. Activism vs Sedition

Activism – Any act or policy-making of using vigorous campaigning and presentations to represent a desired political or social change is activism.

Sedition – Any act or conduct (speech, writings, artworks, etc.) inciting people to stand against the authority of a state or to agitating them to dismantle the established orders.

4. Advise vs Moral Police

Advise – Any kind of guidance or recommendations considering the best course of action, broadly by the personal understanding of the one advising.

Moral Policing – Imposing a set of ideas, imparted by vigilante groups that may or may not be toned as advise, but are enforcing a set of ideas that are believed to maintaining the moral code.

5. Feminism vs Male Bashing

Feminism – An idea, a movement that ranges from social-political and ideological establishments to ensure equality in all sexes.

Male Bashing – The idea of generalizing that all men are the same and in return treating all men poorly.

6. Media vs Godi Media

Media – The main means of mass communication, generally the term is used to refer to people/ group/organizations that are in to spread news and information.

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Godi Media – Media that is lapdog (in go di) of the power, essentially used in reference to the present government and media who have alliances with the government.

7. Nationalism vs Patriotism

Patriotism – The quality of being patriotic, dedicated, and devoted to one’s country. A sense of dedication that can amount to anything for the country.

 – Identification of the nation, standing in support of it with a sense of standing above other nations and is inseparable from the desire for power.

So, these were some words whose meanings have been blurred. We have decoded the thin line between their meanings, let us know which term have we redefined for you in the comments.

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