India to roll out National Registry of Sex Offenders today: Important Highlights

National Registry of Sex Offenders to be rolled out today: India becomes the ninth country to maintain such database

India is ready roll out National Registry of Sex Offenders today. Notably, India  will become the ninth country in the world to maintain such database. The Registry will maintain the complete information regarding the convicted sexual offenders including their names, photographs, residential address, fingerprints, DNA sample and PAN and Aadhaar cards. The database will contain more than 4.5 lakh cases with the mention of first time and repeat offenders, based on details compiled from the prisons across the country.

National Registry of sex offenders

Who will maintain the record?

The offenders will be classified on the basis of their criminal history to determine the extent of danger they pose to the community. The record will be maintained by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) under the ministry of Home affairs. Notably, the data would be available to all law enforcement agencies for various purposes, including investigation and employ verification.

In India, the record will be made available to law enforcement agencies, unlike US, where even the general public can access the records. There are many countries that denied access for the common public.

The registry will hold records of 15 years of those who pose “low danger” to the community, 25 years of those posing “moderate danger” and lifetime record of those who are “habitual criminals –convicts in gang rape and custodial rapes”. The registry will also contain information regarding the arrested and charge sheet offenders with limited access to officers with certain clearances. Juvenile offenders will also be included at later stage.


According to NCRB, there is 3% increase in crimes against women and a 12% rise in rapes within just one year. This decision comes out as a result of increasing sexual assaults against women and minors, including the Khathua and Unnao rape cases. With this launch, the government wants to ensure that the safety of women is its foremost priority ahead of elections next year.

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