National Postal Day- the 10th October



Though we are live the age of cellophane, fax and emails yet the significance of postal services cannot be evaded. Postal service is still the largest mode of communication in India.

The origin of Indian postal service dates back to the British period. The English introduced mailing services to the Indians.


‘Indian postal service is an integral part of India. Whether it’s an army man sending letters to his family from the frontiers or a farmer dispatching money to his son receiving education in a town, postal services have always helped in uniting India and its population. It is not easy to operate postal services in India with such diversity in culture, tradition and difficult geographical terrains. Yet, the Indian postal department has kept serving the nation with admirable zeal and enthusiasm. It shows a different facet of the nation that binds us and brings us close to one another.’



Indian postal department celebrates 10th October as the National Postal Day to acknowledge the imperativeness of the postal system. Universal Postal Union was established in Berne in 1874 and the occasion is hailed globally with enthusiasm and zeal.’ New postal products and services are introduce ed on this day. Other activities like open days at post offices, mail centers and postal museums, conferences, seminars and workshops, and cultural, sport and other recreation events are also organized on National Postal Day.’


So nest time whenever you write a letter to someone, remember the useful services offered by the postal department. Lets offer our tribute to this  wonderful communication medium.


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