Celebrating National Pizza Day 2018: Will you share your last slice of Pizza with me?

Celebrating National Pizza Day: What all you can do for the last slice of the Pizza?

Deeply fulfilling, amazingly felt and a bit cheesy, which can simply blow your mind away with just one bite. Ahaa! Don’t misinterpret. Your pizza is waiting for you to fulfill your infinite lust this day. Today, on the National Pizza Day, let’s talk about the ones who make our life so deliciously happening. Whether it is a breakup day or a birthday party, pizza never fails to be your perfect partner. It can fix your mood within seconds. The flow of melting cheese stuffed above the pan base can simply melt your heart like no one else can.

National Pizza Day

History of National Pizza Day

Pizza Day started in the 10th century in Italy. This is when the first time records show the presence of pizza. In the beginning, it was just a flatbread with sauce and cheese sprinkled on it. But no one imagined the sensation this invention could lead to.

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Pizza was first introduced in India in 1996 with the outlets of Dominos and Pizza Hut. Since then, it has just gripped its folks by timely innovation. Now, India has transformed into another America where you can find a Pizza place on almost every corner.

How can you celebrate National Pizza Day? 

Do I really have to tell you that how you can celebrate this amazing day?  You must be thinking of eating your favorite pizza today. Yeah, that could be an option but, how about making your own pizza today from the scratch? Watch a YouTube video on “how to make pizza” and have the pizza of your own style. Well, it can also end up on a completely bad day if you are not good at cooking. But, mind it, your love for pizza can also raise you to the best. So never lose hope. Lol.


Over the years pizza has gained a huge fan following which is also continuously increasing with time. One can experience the feeling of a completely globalized world when entered into any pizza outlet. So, don’t miss, just go and grab yours. Happy National Pizza Day!

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