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National Journalism Day 2019: Let’s celebrate the ‘Power of Pen’

Lesser-Known Facts about Journalism

India celebrates National Journalism Day on 17th November every year to celebrate the freedom of speech, virtues and thoughts as well as the role of media in shaping our society.

History of National Journalism Day

An American philosopher John Dewey and writer Walter Lippmann exchanged their views over the role of journalism in a democratic society during the 1920s. It was the time when modern journalism came for the first time in the limelight.

What are the roles of Journalism?

The major role which Journalism plays is becoming the mediator between the policymakers and the public. Today we have dedicated a day for journalists as National Journalism Day but back in the early days’ being a Journalist was a tough job.  They used to listen and record the message spoken by elites. After processing, it was conveyed to the public for their information.

Legal Status of Journalism

The Government of India has introduced various practices and policies towards journalists, which signify their scope of writing & research, and also what media houses/organizations can publish. Journalists have some special privileges which general people do not have. They interview politicians, celebrities, senior officials and personalities in focus. Journalists who are involved in sensitive issues are given special protection by government.

Journalism ethics comprises principles of good practices and ethics that are applicable to the many challenges faced by the media personnel. This is known as “canons of Journalism” and “code of ethics”. This is followed by broadcast organizations, professional journalism associations, and online news organizations. Journalists are supposed to follow the principles of integrity, genuineness, legitimacy, public answerability. Following these results in the transformation of information into news spread to the public.

One important ethics of Journalism include the principle of “imitation of harm”, which prevents the harm done to the reputation of someone, including the names of crime victims, minor children, and other civilians.

Keeping the confidentiality of the source maintained is important in this profession. Actually, there is a system which provides legal protection to journalists and helps in keeping the identity of a confidential source in curtain even when the government demands it.  However, there are many forms of censorship that might restrict reporting an issue that is too sensitive.

During the 20th Century, Celebrity journalism emerged. It focuses on the personal lives of famous people including the movie artists, models, other familiar faces from the entertainment industry, athletes. Politicians who need recognition also use journalism as a platform for improving brand image.

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Lessers known genres of Journalism

Crime, Diplomacy, Political, Entertainment, Sports, Social Media are most knows genres of journalism, but here we will look at some of the lesser-known genres of journalism.

1. Ambush journalism consists of aggressive tactics followed by journalists to suddenly encounter and question people who do not want to speak to journalists.

2. Feature articles are lengthier forms of manuscripts in which more focus is on style rather than in straight news reports. These articles might have pictures and diagrammatic representation along with special effects like a typographic pattern.

3. Advocacy journalism has the tendency to reject objectivity, and at the same time maintain other common ethics and standards.

4. Science journalists cover the developments in science which need to be told to common people or if there is any dispute within the scientific community. Science Journalism is sometimes criticized for overemphasizing the degree of disagreement within the scientific community on various topics such as epidemics or global warming.

Journalism has changed in the last few years across the globe. In the race to generate more revenue people tend to report news more sensationally and in a biased way.

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