National Journalism Day 2018:  A Journalist runs on deadline 

National Journalism Day 2018 : Everything you need to know 

National Journalism Day 2018 is around the corner. The day is celebrated on 17 November every year. The day celebrates importance of freedom of speech. Journalists play a vital role in the society.  They keep us updated with all the latest news.

What is the Legal Status of Journalism?

The Government of India have introduced various policies and practices towards journalists. The policies signify their scope of research. It also specify what all press organisation can publish. Journalists are given some  privileges which general public do not have.  Journalists can also interview the senior officials, politicians, celebrities and other persons in focus.

Journalist who are involved in sensitive issues are given special protection by the government.

Job of a Journalist is not an easy task. A lot of efforts go in researching and filing a story. In the social media age, the job of a journalist has become tougher. Everybody wants TRP and eyeballs. So, journalist has to put a lot of hard work.

Here are five things on which every journalist run

1. Byline : These are must. We all need bylines. It increases the credibility of a journalist. Getting a byline is the matter of pride for us.

2. Deadline :  We can’t afford to miss our deadlines. Our stories are deadline based and to keep our viewers hooked we need to meet our deadline.

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3. Bytes : Taking bytes from celebs and politicians makes our story worthy. Everybody wants something new and for that we work really hard.

4. Exclusive story :  To make our editor happy, we need to bring some exclusive story. We work really hard to gather some hatke news to make our readers and viewers satisfy.

5.  Last but least, Field par jaane ka pta hai, ghar jaane ka nhi.  : A lot of times we need to extend our working hours to update India with all the latest and important news.

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