National Girl Child Day : Things to keep in mind while raising your daughter

January 24th marks the National Girl Chid Day, here are few tips to raise your angel well

It’s a special feeling when a lady comes to know that she will soon welcome a new member to the family. Isn’t it? Indeed one can feel the life inside the womb. It can be a baby girl or A baby boy but both give immense happiness not only to newly become parents but to the entire family. Now raising a child has actually become a major task. Now -a- days, most of the parents are working and grandparents have become actual caregivers. Well, both the gender needs equal attention but if you are a mommy of a baby girl then there are few points that you have to keep in your mind while raising your angel. On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, here are few tips to raise your angel well.

Raise your daughter well
Raise your daughter well

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The girl child is special and needs special care. Earlier, the birth of a girl child was considered as a sign of entry of Goddess Laxmi in the house. Still, in some rural parts, girls have lower status than boys in India. Daughters are the princess and they have proved their worth by supporting their parents emotionally as well as financially.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to give her a balanced upbringing. Here, are few things that you should keep in mind while raising your girl child:

1. Do not spoil her

Avoid spoiling her. Do not fulfill all her demands, especially those that are far- fetched. These will fill in stubbornness and high headedness in her.

2. Avoid pampering her

It’s good to pamper her but do not pamper her too much. We know pampering a child is must, but do not overdo it. If your daughter doesn’t want to do her homework, you must not support her in these activities.

Teach her sharing and caring
Teach her sharing and caring

3. Make her independent

It is must and especially for girls make them independent so that they can survive on their own. Help her in decision making. Fill in her a sense of right and wrong as well as a strong determination that will help her to achieve her dreams.

4. Put good qualities in her

Make her a positive person. Start putting in qualities right from the very beginning. Do not pamper her or treat her as delicate darling. Enable her to face the world and achieve whatever she wants to.

5. Don’t be an overprotective parent

Yes, avoid being overprotective. This irritates a girl child. Indulge in her traditional values and let her have the freedom that modern day girls enjoy.

6. Give her equal status

Make sure your daughter learns the importance of status. Make sure she gets an equal status. Give equal status to your girl child like your boy child. Do not distinguish between your girl child and boy child and pay the right amount of attention to both. Fulfil their needs based on their requirements and not on their genders.

Today is National Girl Child Day

As the nation observes National Girl Child Day today, everyone is tweeting about it. The government, in 2008 declared 24th of January every year to be celebrated as the National Girl Child Day’ with the objective of raising the consciousness of the society towards the girl child so that she can be valued and respected.
In the National Capital (Delhi), the day will be celebrated at a special function organized by the Women and Child Development Ministry in the light of exemplary achievements by nation’s daughters during 2016.

National Girl Child
National Girl Child

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi and Minister of State Krishna Raj will be addressing the audience.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too took to twitter to wish the Nation for the same. He wrote “National Girl Child Day is a day to celebrate the exceptional achievements of the girl child, whose excellence in many fields makes us proud. It is imperative to reject discrimination against the girl child and ensure equal opportunities for the girl child. Let us reaffirm our commitment to challenging stereotypes based on gender & promote gender sensitisation as well as gender equality.”

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