National Daughter’s Day: The Most Pious Relationship Ever Is Bonding with Beti

This National Daughter’s Day, learn Why is having a friendly bond with daughters important?


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National Daughter’s Day: Being a good parent, you always want to have a good bond with your kids. So, they never hesitate to share any problems with you, right?

Though your sons and daughters need to have a friendly relationship with you, it becomes even more essential to have a strong bond with your little angels. Yes, we are talking about your daughters.

Whether you accept it or not, most of us fail to bond with our daughters, and the situation can be trickier if she is a teenager. Please note that we are not just talking about mothers but about fathers as well. It is essential to spend time with their daughters.

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You may be busy with work, money, and much more, but you always need to work on your relationships to groom your kids up as good individuals and solve their day-to-day problems.

National Daughter's Day

What Possible steps can you take to enhance your relationship?

1.     Know about her likes and dislikes: Your daughter would never appreciate you if you didn’t know her likes or dislikes. Try to know about her interests and things that she likes, and then you can make her extremely happy with the unexpected surprises.

2.     Talk about her friend’s circle: Ask about her friends, and you can probably shell out some time from your schedule and invite her friends over. This will make her happy, and you will also be sure about her company and friend circle

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3.    Help her or accept her assistance: If you need assistance with any household chores, ask her for assistance. This will give you some time to spend with her. You can also help her with her homework or projects.

4.     Watch old movies on weekends together: This is the best time to bond with her as you can enjoy your gossip with popcorn and exciting films. You can also talk about your experiences and ask about hers by relating to the movie.

5.     Trust her and do things that she wants: Your daughter may lie sometimes, but don’t scold her. Give her time, try to change yourself, and show your trust in her.

6.     Don’t force anything on her as it would lead to resistance: Let her do what she wants and give her the freedom to wear the clothes she wants. Guide her but don’t force her and this would make her more responsible and a critical thinker.

“Every teenager wants freedom, and my daughter always fights with me that she wants to hang out with her friends, but I don’t trust her company. If I say no, she will argue why now. I have to extend the time with her. We regularly go for walks and have frequent outings”, says Sandhya.

So, if you are also trying to carve out time for your daughter, trust us, it’s never too late as you can approach her anytime and work on your relationship with her. This would also make you a good parent.

Happy National Daughter’s Day!

Edited By Ayushi Mittal

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