National Breast Cancer awareness month: The drive begins from 2nd October

National Breast Cancer awareness month: All you need to know

October is the month of  National Breast Cancer awareness month by government, media and cancer survivors. This time, breast Cancer awareness drive is starting from October 2 and will last for a month. It is an effort to reduce the stigma related to breast cancer through education and awareness. Prior knowledge will lead to earlier detection of the disease and thus results in higher long-term survival rate.

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On this occasion, The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is launching its annual drive. Actresses Mahira Khan, Maya Ali and Sanam Saeed will be the goodwill ambassador. In Pakistan, Breast Cancer claims 40,000 lives every year. On the other hand, in India it has become the most common cancer among women. This time the hospital has planned to visit universities and colleges to spread awareness about breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Advocacy

Breast cancer advocacy is a type of health advocacy. Breast cancer advocates helps in raising funds and lobby for better care and patient’s empowerment. They also conduct educational campaigns to promote free and low cost services. The Breast Cancer culture is also called pink ribbon culture which indicates larger women health movement.

In the month of October, as a breast cancer awareness month many organisation and health institutes receive financial support from many corporate sponsorship. There is a need to stop feeling ashamed of talking about certain part of our own body and observe it regularly to develop an understanding of a normal breast.

Understanding normal breast

Normal breast feels different at different times of a month. During the reproductive period till menopause, the milk producing tissue in the breast becomes active few days before. In some women, the breast at this time feels lumpy especially near the armpits. At the time of post menopause, activities in the milk producing tissue stops.


Breast cancer has been known to educate women since years. However, the horror of the non- treatable disease has developed a taboo in the society. The movement which originated from feminist movement and women health movement has successfully removed these taboos to a huge extent through its modern advocacy and awareness campaigns.

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