National Boyfriend Day : Indians revealed qualities they look for in their Boyfriend

On this National Boyfriend day, someone is finding these 6 traits in you

Unlike family, relatives, and siblings, there are some relations chosen by us. That relation is a friend. Who may not be part of our family or related to us in any way, but still holds a substantial place in our lives. And when we develop romantic emotions for that person, they may turn out to be our boyfriend or girlfriend (only if they accept your proposal in reality and not in thy head). But today we are going to specifically talk about boyfriends as October 3 is observed as National Boyfriend Day.

National Boyfriend day recognizes the sweetheart in your life. This is just like those special days, which are meant for your family members. This day reminds you to focus on that person who possesses a special place in your heart. Whether the relationship is new or seasoned, a boyfriend brings unique meaning to our lives.

From romantic evenings, date nights, and adventurous vacations, each relationship develops over time. Every day that relationship builds new memories and experiences.

Boyfriend day is created so that we can appreciate the efforts of that person and how much we love them. And yes boys we understand you. It is not easy to be a boyfriend. They have to keep in mind many things. Anniversaries, birthdays, plan gifts, valentine surprises, tolerating period mood swings, or letting him or her, a shoulder to cry. There are many challenges for them to become a good boyfriend.

Of course, there must be some conflicting expectations too, where you have to stand solid and reliable, able to carry the stress of trials and tribulations that your partner’s face. However, you need to be soft, considerate, and in touch with your feelings.

Therefore, celebrating boyfriend day is all about celebrating boyfriend. Make him feel special and how important he is to you.

However, what you are looking for in your boy? Well, some people come up with interesting answers, see if you can relate with any.

It is not an exam, please do not cheat


One of the most popular demands of girls and boys were, they do not want a cheater. Some called boys “Dhokhebaz”!

This means they are definitely looking for loyalty. So, be loyal and keep your relationship drama and guilt-free. Do not utilize your free time on hitting on others. Try some other fun activities.

Be Elon Musk Fan, give us space


Sometimes boys misunderstand this sentence, “I want some space.”

No, your partner is not hinting at a breakup, neither are they bored with you. They just do not want you to take every decision for them or bother them with constant calls or messages. If they need you, they will reach out to you. So, relax!

Just be boyfriend not a piggy-bank

Boys always think that having a relationship is an expensive affair. However, this is not always true. It is not important to own up every expense. You can split the bills. Relationships are like partnerships, no one is a liability for each other. So, practice equality for real and not only just on social media.

Your Our problems

When you share a bond, it is very essential to share each other problems too. Do not let your partner have a sleepless night while you are snoring.

We do not mean here to sacrifice your sleep, just console your partner, and be there for them. That is enough.

Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast

Nobody is hunting for a beast here. So, if you are violent, better to control your anger. Otherwise, a relationship takes an abusive turn.

Resolve your issues with a patient hearing.

Is there any other trait, which you are looking in a boyfriend? How you are going to surprise your guy on this day? Tell us in comments.

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