National Boss Day 2019: 5 qualities of a Great Boss, is your boss one of them?

National Boss Day 2019

5 qualities of a Great Boss: Rate your Boss; take a look at these qualities

Every year National Boss’s Day is celebrated on October 16. Well, every then and now we keep discussing problems we face as employees, right? But trust us it is not easy to be a boss. The constant pressure of being fair, making tough decisions, and enforcing rules that can have repercussions, all this is done by a boss!  Well, there is a never-ending war between boss and employee. Boss–employee memes are evergreen on social media. You can hate your boss, love your boss, but you can’t ignore your boss. But today we will look at qualities of a Great Boss. Find out does your boss fit in? If yes, thank him in tonnes.

1. They never run out of passion

A great boss is always passionate about his/her work. They know what they are trying to accomplish. Nobody likes to look up at a person who is bored with his or her life and work. If the boss doesn’t care, why would anyone else? They never run out of passion and it is so much fun to be around them.

2. They believe in creating leaders

There is a famous quote of Tom Peters which says, “Leaders create more leaders, not followers.” And a great boss does the same. They believe in creating more leaders by motivating others and sharing the credits. They make people believe in their worth and liberty to their employees to make independent decisions.

3. They are who they are and they are proud of it

A great boss will be brutally honest. There would be no mind games or lies. They don’t lie to cover up their mistakes rather they believe in taking responsibility for their action. They don’t make false promises. Also, they are always ready to help and impart their knowledge.

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4. Insecurity is not their term

A great boss will never be insecure in terms of work credits. One can never be a great boss if they are insecure. They share their knowledge, experience and of course the credits. They believe in teamwork and know how important their team is for the ultimate success.

5. They are chess masters

Great bosses are like a chess master. They recognise that every employee is different and have different qualities. They know their strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes and use these insights and draw best from each individual. It keeps the employee’s and organization’s goals in sync.

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