Nandos now in CP!

Nandos now in CP!

Nandos now in CP!

Peri-Peri: A Spice so nice, they named it twice!

Some people claim it’s because of the overnight marination of chickens, some that it’s the constant blasting of the Nandos sauce while cooking, while others say it’s their innovative method of butterfly-grilling on an open flame.


Amazing Peri Peri Chicken at Nandos

Whatever the reason, the truth lies in the taste as there is no denying that Nandos know their way around a chicken.

The succulent fiery-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, packed with aromatic spices right through to the bone and topped with the famous Nandos Peri-Peri hot sauce, creates an explosion of flavors.


Experiential tasting at Nandos

Nandos CP hosted a pre-launch party ahead of its public opening today (21 November 2014). Offering an experiential tasting to the guests, all the food was prepared right in front of your eyes adding a new dimension to the food.

On being asked to share their experience with Nandos, the response offered was fairly positive.


Clarice and Baeges enjoying their meals

Peri-Peri originated from Mozambique, South Africa, and preserving that authentic taste is a challenge in India, but talking to Clarice Mathews, a native to South Africa present at the event, proved otherwise, she said “The food is fantastic! You can really taste the authentic Peri-Peri flavor. I love Nandos and will come here again before I leave.”

Her friend Baeges, also from South Africa, added “I have been to Nandos before, but this branch has a nice appeal to it, I really like the ambience.”


People enjoying the food

The food appealed to all ages, as told by Mr. Mittal, grandfather of two, he said “I really like the chicken, my grandsons are in love with the place, and so am I. Sharing the love of good food brings generations together (laughs).”

On asking Chetvan Keith, Marketing Manager Nandos, about the idea behind hosting the night, she said “We just wanted a casual night by inviting a few close people over, some of the media over to celebrate the opening of the CP branch tomorrow.”


Delicious wings coated with Peri-Peri hot sauce

On enquiring about her favorite dish, she said “I’m a traditional person, so I like the original chicken wings with the hot sauce, with the three bean salad and corn as sides.”

The food, the drinks, the music all accounted for a riveting night of fun. The sizzling grilled chicken and the chilled drinks made sure that the launch was no less than a gourmet feast.


Chicken Salad

If you haven’t been to Nandos before, I would really recommend you try the wing roulette to start off and the butterfly chicken breast with extra hot Peri-Peri sauce.

All in all the experience and the ambiance of Nandos CP will not disappoint.


Flags in the food, to indicate the spicy-ness

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