10 Myths Your Parents Told & You Were Scared To Dare!

Let Bust the Lies : 10 Myths your parents told you and you didn’t even question! 


  • If you play a video game for too long, you will destroy your TV
  • You will get acne if you eat too much chocolate
  • If you swallow chewing gum, it will be in your stomach for seven years
  • The 5-second rule
  • Sit up straight otherwise your back will bend

Myths your parents told: Our parents or guardians are the people who know what is best for us. From helping us in our studies to telling us what’s right for us, parents always want the best for us, right?  But wait there are a few things that they told us in childhood that are bizarre and even didn’t bother to question.

1. If you play a video game for too long, you will destroy your TV

Myths Your Parents Told

Your parents must have told you several stories related to the destruction of TV sets due to overuse. The truth is, TVs break down over time, no matter how often you play video games.

2. You will get acne if you eat too much chocolate

Myths Your Parents Told

Acne is every teenager’s nightmare. It comes out when you  least expect it. Pimples were most likely with you on your first date or you may have to attend a very important family function. Your parents always told you it is the fault of your chocolate-loving self. Well, it is not true. Acne is an inflammation of the skin, and chocolate does not cause pimples to appear. There is research that says otherwise, but scientists think it is controversial. However, you can still tell your kids that “chocolate causes acne”.

3. If you swallow chewing gum, it will be in your stomach for seven years

A good bubble blowing is helpful to impress someone with your bubble blowing skills. But sometimes, those sweet, sticky bubbles get accidentally swallowed by you. Now, you sentenced it to 7 years in your stomach before it could be digested. This is something your parents have told you perhaps to make you more careful about it or love it less.

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The fact is, if you swallow it, it will be digested just like anything else. The only difference is, it may take a little more time. In the end, it will leave your body freely and naturally.

4. If you sit too close to the TV, you will hurt your eyes

Are you wearing glasses or contacts? If so, your parents might have told you it is your fault. This is a very popular misconception. We have some good news for you. You do not have to blame yourself for wanting to get a closer look at Spiderman back then. You can blame your parents for your bad eyesight.

Myths Your Parents Told
Myths Your Parents Told

An extensive long-term study has shown that myopia in children does not have anything to do with watching TV or sitting in front of the computer. Myopia is genetic, and you inherited it from your parents or grandparents. However, it does not mean that you should let your children spend all their time in front of the TV set.

Being outdoors is good for them in many ways and it makes the risk of developing myopia smaller.

5. You will get sick if you stand near a working microwave

These exciting machines can make corn pop and can treat you to a warm meal in the chilly winters. They turn some magical invisible waves into heat. Did your parents ever tell you that microwaves are dangerous, and they can make you go radioactive?

However, it is not true. Modern microwave ovens are safe as long as they are fully functioning and you follow all the manufacturers’ instructions. Also, it is proven that microwaves do not bring radioactivity to you or the food. They work like light bulbs. The energy is only there when they are on. Therefore, feel free and safe to enjoy your microwave popcorn.

6. Your Hair will go faster if you have it cut more often

For some of us, every visit to the hairdresser is still a traumatic experience because of the childhood memories we have. We were always told not to cry too much over all the hair we lost because it was supposed to grow back faster. Unfortunately, hair growth rate does not depend on how often you have it cut. The average hair growth rate is 0.01 inches per day. There are many factors that affect it like age, hormones, and even the time of year.

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7. Sit up straight otherwise your back will bend

Myths Your Parents Told
Myths Your Parents Told

After sitting in front of your computer for the whole day, there are chances to develop back pain. However, this does not mean that you can never rest, and the whole time you have to sit like a wooden plank. Most of the time, to feel more comfortable, we slouch a bit.

Many people believe that slouching while sitting is bad and you can even develop a hunch. But that is completely untrue.

In 2006, a study in Scotland revealed 3 different healthy patients by making them sit in 3 different positions. After the test, it was observed that people in the upright position have the most spinal disc movement leading to the most strain on their back. But that does not mean you should always slouch. Sit at an angle that makes you relax the most.

8. We use only 10% of our brain

Scientists have been trying hard to decode our brain for many years but there are many mysteries yet to be solved. It is said that if we used our brain to its full potential then we would have superhuman abilities. But over the years, we definitely use our brain more than 10%.

9. Drink milk to strengthen your bones

All the milk ad commercials are supported by our parents’ logic that milk will make us strong. As per a case study conducted by Harvard University on 72000 women till 20 years, if by drinking milk they have fewer chances of bone fracture. On the contrary, the girls who have consumed more calcium since childhood, have more chances of getting stretch fractures.

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10. The 5-second rule

If a portion of food falls on the ground, then under 5 seconds bacteria and microbes come on it. This was proved by Jillian Clarke from the University of Illinois in 2003. He conducted an experiment where he dropped gummy bears and cookies on the ground and the food was contaminated within seconds. It definitely breaks the 5-second magical window. For this study, he was bestowed with a Noble prize.

Therefore, these were some beliefs that we have been treated not to do in childhood. Tell us in the common section if there are more myths your parents told in your childhood and still believe it to be true?

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