Myths of Skin-Care

Skin is the most visible and largest organ of our body, which keeps us protected from various damages. But, every now and then we come across various myths that always put us in dilemma of what to believe and what not believe. So, One World News pointed out few myths on which Dr. Suruchi (Dermatologist) gave her responses, along with Medical facts:

Dry-skin wrinkles more than oily-skin:

Dry skin does not cause wrinkles as generally believed. Dryness makes the skin rough and the texture irregular making the wrinkles to appear more prominent. Think of it this way -kids can experience dry skin and have eczema but they do not develop wrinkles.


Shaving makes hair growth thicker:

Significant research has proved that shaving doesn’t make hair growth thicker. Hair tapers along its length. It’s just when it is cut and grows back, we see it along its mid- shaft which is thicker than its end which we see in a full grown hair.

Rubbing your eyes or face can cause wrinkles:

Rubbing eyes or face does not cause wrinkles. Wrinkles are due to loss of collagen / elastic tissue in the dermis (deeper layers of skin), caused due to the tug of gravity, ageing and repetitive muscle movement which can breakdown collagen (a type of protein, which connects and supports bodily tissues) and cause skin wrinkles.


Water can make your skin great:

A good intake of water (8-10 glasses) in a day at small regular intervals is required for good health of body and skin, but over hydration is not required to improve skin youthfulness which is dependent on other factors such as sun exposure, hormones, genetics and environmental factors.

Dirt causes acne:

Dirt does not cause acne. Acne is caused by an increase in the sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. It is responsible for keeping the skin moist, but if the secretion increases then the skin turns oily, leading to bacterial (p.acnes) proliferation and blockage of opening of sebaceous glands, mediated by hormones, drugs, diet, etc.

Pimples leave mark on your face:

Pimples can leave mark on your face. Squeezing acne or pricking acne can result in acne excoriate (Dark marks left out by acne), deeper acne can leave out scars if not treated adequately and on time.


Changing skin product is healthy:

Changing skin product is not healthy. Skin allergies or reactions are caused by fragrances or preservatives. For example, PPD a component that makes the colour penetration of hair shaft possible, present in dyes, which can be there in both cheap and branded cosmetics.

One needs to apply different moisturiser for different body parts:

We can apply the same moisturiser for different body parts except when one has a combination skin, acne prone skin on face [where we need non-comedogenic (not tending to clot the spores) moisturisers]; Urea based creams shouldn’t be applied on facial skin because in several cases it might cause various reactions.


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So now, if you come across any myths that you have heard since ages from your mom, dad, friends, and aunties etc. and want to know what the actual truth behind it, then feel free to write to us at

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