Must visit underwater restaurants in world; Take a look here!

    Must visit underwater restaurants in world 

What could be more exciting than indulging oneself underwater in drinking fine wine, enjoying haute cuisine or simply relaxing in the lap of luxury, while fish swim past and air bubbles float serenely to the surface? Here are few underwater restaurants, where you can enjoy your holidays.


 Bored of restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment spaces ensconced on the earth surface, which are no more breathtaking. The magic of architectural brilliance and design ingenuity are certainly on the menu for people who wish to patronise one of these places.
Here are five must-explore underwater restaurants: 
1. Ithaa, The Maldives
 When it comes to underwater restaurants, Ithaa which means “pearl” in Dhivehi, should be the first restaurant on the must visit list. Part of the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa, Ithaa was opened in 2005, offering guests the experience of being encased in a clear acrylic tube 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Visitors are literally surrounded by fish, sharks and coral reef and hence it is actually as much the sea life watching diners as vice versa!
2. Red Sea Star, Israel
Sixteen feet beneath the Red Sea, this  underwater restaurant gives an experience of a lifetime. A fantastic example of entertainment design, the Red Sea Star allows visitors to eat while observing the surrounding sea creatures and coral gardens through giant Plexiglas windows. The colourful fishes outside swirl around in a kaleidoscope of colour, and the interior too is inspired by sea life, with everything from the stools to the lighting fixtures in the shape of species such as jellyfish and anemones.
3. Guinness Deep Sea Bar, Stockholm Archipelago
In terms of pure underwater entertainment design, nothing is comparable to the Guinness Deep Sea Bar, for the simple reason that it is exactly a submarine. Created as part of Guinness’ 250th Anniversary celebrations by Jump Studio, London, the 36-feet-square interior of this custom built vehicle was a complete fluid concept, constructed from GRP (glass reinforced plastic), which captures the feeling of being immersed in a dynamic, flowing experience.
4. Utter Inn, Sweden
Another underwater restaurant, Utter Inn, may not hold the luxury allure, but for pure quirky charm, this strange species of underwater accommodation scores high. Located in Lake Mälaren near Västerås, the structure consists of a typical red Swedish cabin visible above the surface, plus a bedroom 9 feet below the water level. Guests are rowed out to this isolated island sanctum and left there. The tiny hotel room cum  subaquatic observation station is basically a watertight box containing twin beds with glass panels just inches away on all four sides offering a view into the fishy habitat outside.
5. Jules’ Underwater Lodge, Florida
Not just a bar or a restaurant Jules’ Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is the world’s first underwater hotel. Opened in 1986, this wonderful piece lies 30 feet below the sea level and can only be reached by scuba diving through the tropical mangrove habitat of Emerald Lagoon. Guests enter through a hatch in the bottom of the cottage-sized structure and soon emerge to find themselves in living quarters fitted with the futuristic decor, with comforts ranging from hot showers and a stocked kitchen to music and movies.

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