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Murder of Trans Activist Sangeetha, the cruel reality of not being able to accept the transgender community

Is human existence respective of gender? Death of Sangeetha truly represents our unwillingness of accepting the third gender

Among the recent cases of crime against transgenders, one of the shocking and brutal cases that have come up the is of Sangeetha, a 55-year-old transgender who was found in her own apartment Sai Baba Colony on NSR Road, Coimbatore. Sangeetha was a well-known activist, president of Coimbatore District Transgender Association, and was a member of several NGOs and charities.

As reported by HuffPost, Sangeetha’s body was found wrapped in cloth and was left in a plastic drum used for water storage where drum as filled with water. This is a process used to speed the decomposition. This gruesome incident is coming out as a shocker for the trans community. Obviously, the stereotypes around transgenders is not something new and cases like this add to their plight and insecurities. Sangeetha was an active and beloved transperson. A month ago, she started a mess and even started to hire members of the transgender community whose livelihoods were affected due to pandemic.

Among the many who have been expressing their grief and plight on social media, Grace Banu, a trans activist, on her Instagram account, shared a video telling about how disappointed the community has been.

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She mentioned that even after numerous attempts of creating awareness about the transgender, the cis-gender have the policy of not being able to accept us and it is really disappointing every day, she, one of the community members lose their life. Again, we will say Justice of Sangeetha for a few days and it will be gone after that.


Crime against transgender is not something we have come across in recent times, and the community is susceptible to violence all around the world and ever since ages. The count of reported trans people – murdered in 2020 has been 30 and more to get added in upcoming days. Where there has been no income source for the community amid the pandemic, the societal stigma and then stories of such case are not just disappointing but traumatising for the community too.

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