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Mumbai Blast Convict Abu Salem Sentenced Jail For Lifetime

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Mumbai Blasts 1993: Judgement Day

1993 Mumbai blast was one of the incidents that cannot be forgotten. Notably, 260 were died and more than 700 were injured in bomb blasts. Abu Salem along with his 4 people were found guilty and convicted. Case was filed many years back but the judgment was delayed because of the involvement of high connections in this case.

Abu Salem

Abu Salem was accused of transporting weapons from Gujarat to Mumbai and also responsible for handing those weapons to actor Sanjay Dutt. Actor Sanjay Dutt was also accused regarding the same case for the illegal possession of An AK 47 rifles and some hand grenades at his residence on January 16, 1993.

Not only this, India’s most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim also found accused for this very case and remain on run. Apart from Salem’s sentenced to life, the court has also convicted Karimullah Khan, Mohammed Tahir Merchant alias Tahir takla, Riyaz Siddiqui and Feroze Abdul Rashid Khan. Abdul Quayyam has been acquitted in this case.

Abu Salem has sentenced to life in jail by a special court. He was extraditing from Portugal and then tried. The treaty with Portugal does not allow penalty to death is the reason, Salem got sentenced to life.

Abu Salem can only be given a 25 years of imprisonment and not only this he also indulged in extortion practices and had complete information about the blasts. Tahir Merchant and Feroze Khan were sentenced to death while Karimullah Khan were sentenced a life in jail.
Those Blasts leave many permanent and deep marks on the families who had lost their loved ones. Such practices to destroy and to harm the society are intolerable and cannot be accepted further, we wish.

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