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Mulk: When will we give ‘Good Content’ its due credit?

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Mulk: Why it is a must watch? 

Anubhav Sinha’s movie ‘Mulk’ stirred up a lot of burning issues of the contemporary world with a courtroom drama and has rocked the box office with an earning of Rs11.38 crore till date. Mulk is a real-life story of a Muslim family when one of their family members take to terrorism.

Indeed, Rishi Kapoor, Tapsee Pannu, Kumud Mishra played the best out of all. The film reaches out to the audience in a bold, humorous and effective manner, making the audience think about the Islamophobia that exists around them.  Here are the reasons one must watch MULK:

Mulk opnion

The film reflects the present day situation

The film with the help of dialogue-heavy narrative shows that terrorism has no religion and the country is being equally loved by all its citizen in spite of their religion. There have been Muslim families who chose to be in India during 1947 riots. They chose their ‘Mulk’ over their religion. Moreover, the film has amazingly compared the two phases of the protagonist’s family. From living with Hindus in the same society since years, sharing strong bonds of friendship and admiration to being hard-pressed by the same people with ‘Pakistan jao’ scribbled on their walls.

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        ‘Hum’ or ‘wo’

The film has shown how people fall prey to political propaganda which is meant to divide them into ‘us’ vs. ‘them’. The director has very cunningly compelled the audience to have thought with the dialogue by the judge (Kumud Mishra), “ab ap dekh lijiye kon hume ‘hum’ or ‘wo’ me baant raha hai, kyuki elections ab nazdeek hai”.

    Conceptualizing prejudice

The director set out to emphasize on prejudice which often precedes people’s perception of the Muslim community in India. How Jihad is being misinterpreted. How the prejudice that every terrorist is a Muslim is absolutely naïve by comprehending that terrorism is not just defined by the act of killing. Torturing, intimidating and cornering someone is also terrorism.

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