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From NH-10 to Phillauri to Bulbul:  Anushka Sharma, the woman with a concrete Plan! 

Producer Anushka Sharma is setting a benchmark. Her choices set her apart

In the year 2008, a girl with a contagious smile began her dream journey. In her first film, she left a mark and continued to do so with every film she did. Yes, we are talking about talented and gorgeous diva Anushka Sharma. Within a span of 12 years, she has paved her own way. Undoubtedly, she is a phenomenal artist, and it is her unconventional choices which set her apart. Today, she is a successful actor, producer, and entrepreneur. There is so much that can be learnt from this beauty. Here is why it is worth taking a look at her marvellous career graph. How her craft can inspire millions of millennials out there?

movies produced by anushka sharma

25 – year – old sizzling actress became Producer 

She made her debut as a producer in 2015 with NH10, the one advice that she constantly got was to avoid such a film. Before producing NH10, she had delivered commercial blockbusters like Jab Tak Hai Jaan and PK. The 25 – year -old actress risking her image at the top of her game is not a usual thing to see in B- Town. But she decided to take that risk and throw her weight to a film that deals with a subject like honour killing.

Her choices are only becoming bold 

She stepped into it, and then never looked back. Five years have passed since that film was released and Anushka’s Clean Slate Films is only getting bold. She went on to make films that reflect our society. She touched topics which touched our hearts. Anushka went on to produce Phillauri (2017), the film didn’t deal with any political content but it took a dig on the Manglik ritual in our country. How Manglik concept is still prevalent in India. It was a humorous take on the ritual that a lot of people will call ridiculous but still practice it. Isn’t good filmmaking where you are challenging deeply entrenched notions of the world around us?

movies produced by anushka sharma

Then in 2018 came Pari, a film that redefined her as a producer and actor both. Leaving all the glamour behind, she did something that her contemporaries will never take up. Her breakthrough came with Patal Lok, her recent release. Ever since it was released Anushka is riding high on success. A lot of people have hailed it to be the best show that has ever come out in India. It unapologetically talked about the society we live in. With zero filters, the show touched the sensitive topic of discrimination. How we do it on a regular basis who is seen as different by the majority – Muslims, LGBTQ, North Easterners.

Kudos to the lady! It takes a lot of guts to pick topics like this during a time when even a peaceful protest can land you in jail. The show pushed the right buttons, resulting in nationalist asking to ban the show. But we are proud of her!


Now, she is back with Bulbul to paint everything red. A strong plotline and power packed performance by the lead actresses make it a must watch. It is available on Netflix and you have to watch it. We are sure – You will also praise Anushka. She is definitely here to stay and soar! She has always taken risks and tried to serve content which is not normal for most of us. And that’s why we love her.

Let’s be sympathetic towards each other and stop judging others. You never know what the other person is going through. 

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