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No Tripod, Not a Problem! This desi Jugad by a teacher is an inspiration to make online classes possible

Moumita, a Pune teacher is winning hearts on internet for her commitment and innovation

While the country is still battling the deadly coronavirus, restrictions on many things have eased including malls, non-essential shops, hotels and places of worship. However, looking at the vulnerability of children, educational institutes such as schools, colleges and coaching centres are still closed. But to continue the study of students, teachers are taking online classes via video calling apps or recorded lectures.

Online classes have come with their own set of challenges as not all the teachers have the resources and training to conduct such types of 0classes. Teachers are also facing technological challenges for conducting the online class. But today’s story is about a Pune teacher who is breaking all the barriers and making extra efforts to teach her students.

Moumita’s desi-jugad for tripod

Moumita, a Pune based teacher didn’t have a tripod to place the mobile phone, so that she could record the lecture while she teaches on board. She came up with a desi Jugad and tied her phone to a cloth hanger, suspended it between the ceiling and plastic chair which enabled her students to view the board and herself during the lesson.

Moumita shared this video on her LinkedIn profile on how she has been conducting the online classes with the desi-Jugad amid the coronavirus lockdown.

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We all should take a moment and salute to the spirit of this lady teacher who is going an extra mile to ensure that her students keep up with the syllabus.

Netizens are in awe

Netizens lauded the efforts of Moumita and wrote some beautiful words for her commitment and innovation.

One of the Twitter users, DilSe.. while appreciating the effort of this teacher wrote “HattsOff to the Spirit of this GreatTeacher who has just taught us a Lesson 4Life! When the Passion & Love towards the Line of Duty are intact, lack of resources can never be a constraint.”

Another Twitter user Sudha Ramen IFS wrote that “There is so much of hope and positivity in this picture”.

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