Mother’s Day 2022: How to uplift your mother’s mood?

Mother’s Day 2022: 15 things that you can do to keep her relaxed and give her a break from Monotonous Routine!

Mother’s Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 8th. We all give headaches to our mom, right? From cooking food for us to managing our finances, moms are indeed our sheroes. They work for us without even asking for a break. This mother’s day,  do not forget to make her feel special and uplift her mood.

This Mother’s Day make them feel loved and secured. We have listed out 15 ways to keep her spirit high and give her a break from monotonous routine.

Book Mother’s Day Sunday for Chai and Charcha

May 8th is Sunday. In that case, book that Sunday just for chit-chatting and unlimited cups of tea. Make it for her and indulge in conversations that she will enjoy. Parents need our time and trust us, it is the most precious gift that you can give to her.

 Give her a relaxing head massage

She won’t say and she will never complain about the ongoing things. But this time has affected everyone.  A lot of things have been changed in her routine too. Make her sit and give her a relaxing head massage.

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Mother's Day 2021
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Watch a Film Together this mother’s day

Go back in time. Watch an old film together. Be it a Rajesh Khanna Film or Amitabh Bachchan’s film, watch her favourite films together. Convert your room into a theatre and enjoy your special date with her.

Mother's Day 2021
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Arrange a Conference Call of Maasi and Nani with her

Make her talk to her closest people and we all know desi moms love talking to nani and maasi. Arranging a conference call with Maasi & Nani for her is the best thing that you can give to her. We bet she will love it.

Mother's Day 2021
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Write a letter and pen down positive things about her

She also needs appreciation for her work. To keep going, she needs daily motivation. If you won’t do it, who will do it? Write a handwritten note and list out all the positive things about her.

Gift her a plant

Greenery brings peace, right? If your mom loves gardening, then gift her a plant. You can order any indoor plant. For example Bamboo plant- it brings a lot of positive vibes along with it.

Play Music her choice

Who doesn’t love music? Play music of her choice and take her back in time. You can tell your father to make her feel special by singing a song for her.

Book Online Yoga classes for her

According to some, meditation heals it all.  Inner and outer peace is just a few breaths away, but our mind doesn’t stop thinking. In that case, the guided class can help. At a time, when we need peace the most, getting her enrolled in Yoga classes isn’t a bad idea.  But do not forget to keep a check on her. Make sure she doesn’t give any excuse to miss the class.

Gift her a picture of her Young Age: Frame it at home ( We have inserted a link for your help)

It is not safe to step out right now as cases are rising again. In that case, it is important to plan something that can be done at home and make her happy too. Our mother’s life is all about us, right? You should make her feel wanted and loved. Take her back in time and let her cherish the good old days. Find out her young age picture, print it out and frame it at home only.  Take a look at the link below

Arrange a surprise call with her bestie

After all friends are friends and no one can take their place in our life, right? Take out a list of her friends and arrange a surprise call for her with her bestie. This will surely give her a break from the mundane routine. She will feel light too during this tough time.

Gift her a cookbook

Well, when it comes cooking, nothing can beat Maa Ke Haath ka Khaana, right? If she loves looking you can gift her a cookbook. Check out the best collection in the market and gift her a compilation of recipes that she will love to cook.

Manicure Or a Foot Massage

Mother’s Day 2022 is a bit relaxed. Situation has improved but cases are still rising. In that case, you can book a foot massage session for her.

This mother’s day, play Indoor games

Play indoor games with her such as Ludo or Carom. Make mother’s day 2022 a fun day. Have a good time with her, say positive things so that she can feel calm and relaxed.

Bake a cake

How can we forget the ritual? Ordering is a passe  now. Bake a cake for her at home and show your affection towards her. There are a plethora of youtube videos that will guide you on how to bake a cake.

Last but not least, give her a warm hug 

Social distancing has become a norm this year and maintaining distance is the best thing you can do.  We are going through the worst time at this moment and we all want to feel safe.  So before you end your day don’t forget the warm hug.  To simply put, “ Jaddoo Ki Jhappi”.

We urge all our readers to stay at home and stay safe. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! Spend time with her and if you are away from her, do not forget to do face time with her.

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