Mother Dairy hikes milk prices


Mother Dairy on Friday hiked its milk prices in Delhi-NCR by Rs. 1 on both one liter and half liter packets.

mother dairy

Mother Dairy

The new price will be in effect from July 16.However, the price of the Bulk Vended Milk (BVM) commonly known as token milk and cow milk which comprises of almost 30% of Mother Dairy’s total milk sale remains unchanged.

Last price revision took place in May 2014 and since then the company hass been retaining its prices. It is noteworthy that the company also increased its farm prices by almost 7 % while the consumer price hike is not more than 3%.

The new prices will see an increase of Rs. 1/L on 1000 ml pack and ficilitate the chain management, prices of 500 ml packs have been rounded off to the nearest rupee.

Being a responsible organization, Mother Dairy has attempted to strike a right balance between the interests of both consumers and the milk producers.

The company has always believed in giving competitive and remunerative price to farmer to ensure availability of safe milk for consumers.

Mother Dairy’s token milk which is regarded as the safest form of branded loose milk (toned milk) will not undergo any price revision.

The token milk from Mother Dairy helps in saving the environment by not using plastics for packaging. The milk is fortified with Vitamin A, thereby providing extra nutrition to its consumers.

Mother Dairy sells almost 35 lakh litres per day, of which 30 lakh litres is sold in Delhi-NCR. It has 800 milk booths and nearly 400 stores in the capital region.

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