5 Most Underrated films on Amazon Prime you must check out during the Christmas Holidays

Check out these films on Amazon Prime and thanks us later

Well, Christmas is around the corner, and where many of you must have had your plans sorted for Christmas, there surely would have been some of you who have got no plans yet. So here we are, popping in to give you some film suggestions on one of the streaming aces, Amazon Prime. Well, if you are a film buff, you must have already seen the maximum of the film suggestions you have been getting from Amazon. so, we won’t give you the common ones but here, we would like to suggest some of the most underrated films that you must watch on Amazon Prime.


1. Shor Se Shuruaat

Sanjay Mishra, Sakshi Tanwar, Rashika Duggal, Atul Kulkarni, Vijay Maurya. Do I need to take more names to make you excited about this gem? Well, I don’t think so. the film is an anthology of seven short films wound in one bouquet, which talks about people who are trying to deal with their daily life issues. The films of this collection are new, are comprehensive, and communicating in their own ways with brilliant acting performances from all the artists we had named in the beginning.


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2. Road to Sangam

Road to Sangam, precisely a very simple story but with a very impactful narrative. Hasmat, as played by Paresh Rawal, is a Muslim Man assigned with the task of repairing the lorry for the transportation of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashes. With his communal clashes putting him in dilemma, Road to Sangam derives a strong and natural narrative on the Hindu-Muslim divide.


3. Firaaq

Nandita Das’s Directorial Debut, Firaaq which has some of the most liked actors of the independent cinema, including Naseeruddin Shah and Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a worth watching performance. Based on the 2002’s Gujarat riots, the film shows the pain and how the riots affected people.


4. Ankhon Dekhi

Again, with the phenomenal Sanjay Mishra, with Seema Pahwa and Namit Das as a bonus, Ankhon Dekhi is about a story of a daughter whose bauji resists her marrying the man she loves. Yet on meeting her lover, his opinion changes as he decided to have an unbiased eye for all.


5. Rough Book

Based on the real instance of the experience of parents, teachers, and students, the story is about Santoshi Kumari who has been in a divorce case with a senior revenue service officer who is corrupt. She becomes a Physics Teacher with children who are in D division, who are considered to be Duffers. The film is about how Santoshi tackles these children and is a critical narrative of Indian classrooms.

Well, these are a few films that you can watch during these Christmas Holidays, though, these are not the films that are about merrymaking and joy, but are definitely thought-provoking and can be an eye-opener for you. Enjoy your holidays and happy watching.


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