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Blast from the past: Draupadi was Strong AF, how she inspires till today?

Golden women who made the pages of our history book so inspiring!

It might be easy to be women in this 21st century, but it has not always been this way. Condition of women has always been very disturbing. Throughout history, women have fought courageously and tirelessely to assert themselves as indiviuals.

Women of this age are breaking the stereotype and excelling in various walks of life. From groundbreaking designers to space explorers, from pilots to political activist and feminist etc. Women’s are warriors and continue to inspire us always.  There was time when word like ‘feminism’ or ‘women empowerment’ was not even in existence. Women that time struggled to break the society’s so called norms.

Here are the list of most inspirational women in history

1. Draupadi

Draupadi is the first feminist of Indian mythology. Starting with women power, self belief and being confident, is what the lady knew right from the beginning. She was strong because she believed she is strong.

2. Savitrabai Phule

Savitribai Phule and her husband were pioneers of women’s education in India. Also, she was a dalit and was doubly marginalized. She played an important role in improving women’s right and ending social prejudices in India during the British rule. She was also the first woman to light her husband pyre in the history of India.

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3. Rani Laxmibai

“Khoob Ladi Mardaani Thi Woh Toh Jhansi Vali Rani Thi” is the most apt sentence to describe this brave queen of Jhansi. Rani of Jhansi began to strengthen her position – seeking the support of others, she formed a volunteer army consisting not just of men, but also women.

4. Suchita Kriplani

Suchita Kriplani was the great freedom fighter of India. Sucheta worked in a close association with Mahatma Gandhi during the time of partition. She was one of the handful of women who got elected in the constituent assembly.

5. Sarojini Naidu

Born in 1879 known as ‘The nightangle of India’ was a child prodigy. She was always a topper in studies and proficient in several languages. She got involved in the India’s independence movement around 1905 and was active participants of India’s struggles.

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