Want to open doors for happiness, take a look at most expensive dog breeds

most expensive dog breeds
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Here is the list of most expensive dog breeds in the world

Dogs are considered the most selfless creatures. There are many incidents where a dog can be seen waiting for years even when their maters have died. Having a dog is a new cool nowadays, and people are crazy about them. There are almost 400 dog breeds in the world. Insanely, many of them cost the same as a car. Here, we bring to you the list of most expensive breeds and all the details about them.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is considered one of the most intelligent and courageous dogs. Shepherd is a working dog that can weight up to 88 lbs.

They were initially used for herding sheep’s but their use to humans has increased over the years. Considering his Intellect German Shepherd is used by the Military and police prefer them for search and rescue operations. It can cost you $600-$1500 to buy a one depending upon the health and other things. The life expectancy of a German shepherd is 7- 10 years. The breed is the second most popular in Germany and the seventh most popular in the United Kingdom.

Loyalty, Courage, Confidence and ability to learn new things is what makes him the most popular and loved one.

2.Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle is the most preferable family dog breed and is very friendly. The breed is quite energetic and athletic. The maximum weight Toy Poodle can gain is 17lbs.

There is a little confusion about its origin some says it came from France and some people said that it’s from Germany. The poodle is very smarter than most people realize. The price of Toy Poodle can be 700- 2000 USD and they often require professional grooming

3. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is almost entirely bald except for its leg, tail and ears. This is a small breed of dogs with an average Weight of 10-13 lbs. this breed is also known as a toy breed. Chinese Crested needs frequent grooming to look tidy.

The name of the dog can be a little misleading. It can be found all over the world the actual origin of the dog is believed to be in Africa. In 2005, a Chinese crested Hairless dog won the World’s Ugliest dog award. The price of this dog ranges from 800-1,000 USD.

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4. Black and Tan Coonhound

This dog is a crossbreed between Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound and the Bloodhound. It’s a hunting dog of American origin.  As the name itself suggests, they are used for hunting raccoons, Bears, etc. The male dog of this breed can grow up to 75 LBS and female dogs can go up to 70 Lbs.  Despite chasing prey, these hounds are notorious “couch potatoes”. They don’t need much grooming as their coat is short.

The life expectancy of these dogs is 10-12 years. If you are having taste in adventure and want a good companionship the Black and Tan Coonhound is a perfect choice for you. It can cost you 600-1200 USD to get this breed home.

5. American Foxhound

A loyal companion with loving and Noble temperament, American Foxhound is a very good family pet. Americans bred them for hunting purposes considering their great sense of scent they can predict things from far away. Since these dogs are very active, they need active walks on a daily basis.  Foxhound has a musical bark and can be heard from far away.

The life expectancy of this dog is 10-12 years and can cost you up-to 600-1200 USD

6. Canadian Eskimo

This dog originates from the Arctic region of Canada. The native people used these gods to pull sleds across the treacherous terrain.  The Canadian Eskimo resembles wolves. The male breed can go up to 80 pounds and the female can grow up to 66 pounds. These dogs are at the blink of extension and are very few left now.

The life expectancy of this breed is 12-14 years and can cost between 1000- 1200 USD.

Description:  Dogs are being a good companion to humans for very long. Even in early ages, there are many ancient sites where the picture of dogs is being inscribed on stone. Over the years the relationship and the bond between dogs and humans have also changed and in fact, it has grown very strong.

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