Most anticipated gadgets of 2017

Most anticipated gadgets to watch out for this year

2016 has been technically an exceptional year with many tech hits and few failures. The N number of devices launched last year with varied features has risen hope of all the tech-savvies out there for 2017. Here is the list of most anticipated gadgets of 2017.

Let me tell you, that they are not going to be disappointed at all. Because if last year was a blast, this year is going to be even better.

So, without wasting much time and words, let us have a look at 2017’s most anticipated devices:

· Apple iPhone 8

Post the launch of iPhone 7, the speculations suggest that the launch of iPhone 8 is not far. This year also marks the ten-year anniversary of iPhone.

It might be the reason for Apple’s most anticipated all-glass, AMOLED-toting smartphones with wireless charging and no bezels grand release. Though nothing is yet specified, but we can hope.

Most anticipated gadgets of 2017
Most powerful console ever

· Project Scorpio

It would not be wrong to call ‘Project Scorpio’ the most anticipated tech project of the year. Microsoft’s next-gen console is penned to carry 6 teraflops of gaming power, which is more than enough to deliver 4K and VR capabilities.

It is designed to offer developers power in spades which is enough to rival gaming PCs. Also, evidence suggests that it’ll be priced like a premium console, which would play nice with existing Xbox gear and games and should cause no trouble for its 8 CPU cores.

· Tesla’s Model 3

Elon Musk’s long-time dream of an electric car for everybody might come true this year. Tesla’s Model 3 could not just be the electrical car of Elon’s dreams but affordable as well.

The car is expected to go 0-60 in less than six seconds. It may also offer a 215-mile range and be equipped with supercharging capabilities.This car shall be way ahead of a lower-priced EV. We can expect the car to be on roads by the end of 2017.

Most anticipated gadgets of 2017
Let us chase the future

· Google Pixel Watch

Post the launch of Google Pixel smartphones and Google Android Wear, Apple and Samsung were in for some competition.

But it seems that some is not what Google likes, so to rise the competition level a notch higher, Google has come up with a combination ofAndroid Wear watch taking its cues from the Pixel. If we are lucky enough, we might be able to witness the device in the first quarter itself.

· iMac 2017

If you are an iMac fan, then there is a good news waiting for you. Last iMac update came out in 2015.

Though no official statement has been made regarding the new iMac’s features, but it is assumed that the new device will be more-than-5K-equipped and VR-ready. The chip might also be upgraded along with the addition of USB-C and boosted storage.

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