More Than 100 Officers move to Supreme Court over discriminatory promotional policy

‘Enough Is Enough’: Indian officers

Nirmala Sitharam, Defence Minister faced new problem when over 100 of lieutenants colonels and majors of the army decided to move to Supreme court regarding alleged discrimination and injustice in promotion of officers of the services corps.

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Supreme Court

According to the colonels and majors is the high time to speak up and stand against such intolerable behavior.

Union government and the act of army i.e. discrimination in promotion has created injustice towards the petitioners and is very hurtful for the morale of the officers, they said.

Officers from different corps in Indian army, who are placed as the petitioners, are being considered operational and while officers of corps are being discriminated and fall in the category of injustice despite the fact that there is no deployment and other work they are assign by the Army Act to discharge.

The petitioners urged the SC to order the system of government and the Army “to uplift the law that the combat services are an integral and operational hand of the regular Indian army and treat combat services at par with the other corps of routine army”, they added.

Injustice and discrimination is playing a vital part in our society and we heard about discrimination in lower posts level, but it is happening with our defence too. It’s intolerable for people who are doing work and serving country as a whole and the saddening part is that no action has been taken regarding this.

The army is self -controlled and knows their limits to control the situation with morale.

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