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Monsoon Hair care routine: How to keep frizzy hair at bay?

10 hair care tips for the rainy season

Monsoon season is known for bringing greenery and driving away the blues. It brings freshness all around.  However, it is also known for bringing hair damage because of excessive humidity. Since the season has already begun, here are few tips that you should keep in mind to keep frizzy hair at bay.

( Monsoon hair care routine)


  • Keep your hair dry. While you may have the urge to get your hair wet in a drizzle, remember that rainwater is acidic and dirty. It can adversely damage your hair. So, it is better to keep your hair dry
  • Go for hot oil massage. This will keep your scalp hydrated and will prevent your hair from looking dull

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  • Use a mild yet  deep cleansing shampoo to remove all dirt from your scalp
  • Always shampoo from root to tip. But pick the shampoo that suits your scalp
  • Do not tightly tie your hair. Make buns or loose ponytails so that rainwater doesn’t get hibernate in your hair
Keep Hair Problems at bay
Keep Hair Problems at bay
  • Pick the right comb. A wide tooth comb is, hands down, your best bet in rains. It detangles your hair and prevents hair fall
  • Do not use too much conditioner. Use conditioner to only the tips of your hair
  • Eat right. In order to strengthen your hair, have diet which is rich in protein such as walnuts, salmon, spinach etc.
  • Go short: If you ever wanted to keep your short, then this is the right time to get a haircut
  • You can explore a natural range of shampoos. By using natural remedies for hair care, you can also minimize the risk of any irritation or reactions caused by chemicals in synthesized products.

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