Monsoon Special: 5 Dishes that will leave you craving for more!

5 Monsoon Special dishes which you should definitely try at home

Monsoon is the weather of rejoicing, happiness, and some delicious dishes. From Pakods with chutney to hot jalebis, monsoon brings many moments which needs to be celebrated with some finger-licking dishes. Here are 5 such dishes which you should definitely try!

1. Pakodas

Pakodas are the old and favourite snacks in our country. Earlier, it was limited to just onion, potato and spinach, but now, we can see a number of pakoda varieties being served on our plates. This includes baby corns, fish, chicken, brinjal, ice-cream, noodles, green chilli, macaroni, cabbage, lauki, and cabbage. Today, we will share the recipe for baby corn pakoda, here we go:

Take out chickpea flour (besan) and 12 pieces of tender baby corns to make a batter. Put in a bowl and add red chilli powder, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste, carrom seeds turmeric, salt, and baking soda to make a smooth paste with water. Now, deep fry them and your delicious Baby corn pakodas are ready. Serve them hot with tomato sauce or green mint chutney.

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2. Sattu Paratha

It could be new for some, but it is a go-to-dish in monsoon season for many people in the Bihar region. The process is very similar and requires Sattu (Chana Powder) to prepare it. We all know how to make parathas, you just need direction for the stuffing. Take some amount of Sattu powder according to the required number of parathas and add chopped green chilli, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, little oil, and water. Mix them well and your stuffing is ready.

3. Hot Jalebis

Although one can never say no to Jalebi but eating hot jalebis in monsoon is very special.  A sweet dish with a sugary syrup is not that hard to prepare. It is made by deep-frying maida flour batter in circular shapes and then soaked in sugar syrup. A crunchy, juicy and crispy jalebi can also be eaten with rabri or curd.

4. Bhutta (Corn)

When we say monsoon, it is obvious that we are talking about corns, we mean bhutta! Only a bhutta lover can tell you how it feels to eat it in the monsoon season. This year we are not able to enjoy it, thanks to coronavirus. But you can always buy it and roast it at home and can rain.

5. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the go-to snack in Mumbai due to its delicious taste and affordable price. Vada Pav is basically a deep-fried potato patty placed in bread called pav along with condiments such as green chilly, red chilli powder and chutney. A very simple process of Vada Pav contains mashed potatoes to be made into balls, coated and mixed with ginger, green chillies and tempered with turmeric and mustard seeds. These are then dipped in a gram flour batter after which it is deep-fried. The vada is then placed inside the bread. This desi-version of the burger is popular for its tangy taste during the rainy season.

Try them and thank us later!

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