Mom here are my five secrets I want to share with you!

As a girl enters to her teenage,her mom becomes her best friend to whom she can share everything.

This is true at the same time, when we are in the process of growing up the unending arguments over little things frequently happen with our mom and it seems difficult to agree on each others point of view.

mom and girl


Here are 5 things that every girl want to share to her mom:-

1. I want you to believe in me, and please do not doubt on the decision, I make for myself.

2. I am not trying to be a rebel….just trying to fit in.

3. I need you much more than I say and much more than you can imagine.

4 You can’t treat me like a kid and expect me to act like a grown up all at the same time.

5 I crave Independence.

Please trust me, not only me but every girl on this earth needs her mom as her friend all across her ages because she is the one, who can understand her daughter just by looking into her eyes.

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