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PM Modi to quit Social Media & Meme makers are wondering Business Kaise chalega?

Did Donald Trump really say “Mujhe Chhod Ke Jo Tum Jaoge, Bada Pachtaoge” for Modi?

Twitter became very busy after PM Narendra Modi tweeted that he was thinking of leaving the social media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. However, PM Modi later clarified that he will give away his social media accounts to women whose life and work inspire us. He also said that giving away social media handles to women will ignite motivation in millions.

However, these clarifications were not enough for twitter users including PM’s rival Rahul Gandhi as they took a dig at Narendra Modi. Also, a sea of hilarious memes started floating on social media, especially on Twitter.

Here are some of the interesting tweets by the Netizens.  

Congress MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Narendra Modi and also targeted him via a very small Tweet.

Are Netizens really weeping though!

Even the most important person in the country has to Jhelo MOM.

Trump and Modi are like: Yaad rakhegi duniya tera mera yaarana.

How could a servant survive without his Malik!

Look who seems to be speaking.

Not all of them, We guess!

Nailed it bro

Even the king of sarcasm failed to understand the humour of PM Modi

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Prime Minister is a hero on Social Media

Prime Minister Modi is one of the most followed politicians in the world. Narendra Modi has 53.3M followers on Twitter, which makes him third most followed politician after former US President Barack Obama and the US President Donald Trump. On Facebook, Modi has 44.65 million followers which is only next to Barack Obama. On Instagram, Modi is the undisputed king with the highest number of followers for a politician. More than 35 million Instagram users follow the Indian Prime Minister.

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