Modhera Dance Festival


Modhera Dance Festival is celebrated at Modhera in Mehsana, Gujarat, in the third week of January. This dance festival is in the observed third week of January for three days after the festival Uttarayan.


The festival showcases the classical dance forms in an atmosphere of serenity and devotion.


The dance concert is organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. Indian famous and noteworthy dancers attend this festival.


Modhera Dance Festival



Sun Temple at Modhra was built in 11th Century and is located in the North of Ahmedabad. It is beautiful and impressive.


The sun temple is regarded as a masterpiece and gem of Solanki Empire of the Golden age.


This grand Dance festival displays the grandeur and splendid glory of that era. The entire Sun Temple is lightened by red, yellow and green lights to create an impressive chiaroscuro effect.


Modhera Dance Festival is also known as Uttarardh Mahotsavor Modhera Utsav.


The festival is the celebration of music, art, culture and dance. The occasion is a platform for showcasing the traditional dance forms of Gujarat.


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