Modern Parenting Rules that every new age Indian parent should learn

Modern Parenting Rules: Why you need to learn them right away!

In India, most rituals are followed just because it is been followed by many. Similarly, the methodology of upbringing a child in India is like a god given lineage to Indians. Well, people have forgotten the fact that time changes every second and so is our country. Mostly in India, parents find the best escape from letting their child involved in wrongdoings is to avoid the topic simply, Bravo!!

To know what RIGHT is we need to know what is WRONG too!!

The typical parents in India have an extreme tendency to keep their children away from Alcohol, drugs, sex, fights and so on which is absolutely right on their behalf. In today’s time, nothing is really hidden from teenagers so it would be far better if the Parent discusses the same with their children in a right and approved manner. 

Getting acquainted with the taboos in a wrong manner is fatal so the teens need to know it from their parents so that they avoid things which can harm them. Sex education is one of the key topics which should be discussed.

Yes! We should know the paperwork

The trend says that all the paperwork be it income tax, property files, insurance, etc everything is a deal just for the head of the family mostly men. Teenagers after an age should be informed about how to manage the paper works both son and the daughter. This change in parenting can help children get independent with income tax and other important factors so that there is no panic in the end. 


Here comes the role all DADIsNANIs, and Grandmothers to accept their grandsons in kitchen too. It is observed that only girls are expected to spend time in the kitchen and learn cooking. It is the role of the parents to have equal inclusion of their sons in the kitchen because this avoids the major stereotype in a family which is helpful is most phases of life. Moreover, if men in the family know how to cook, then it would be fruitful at the time of crisis of all kinds.

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It is OKAY!! Periods are Natural

Quite often, parents remain hush-hush about periods, thereby reinforcing the stigma around it. Parents should not make periods a big deal for their children rather make them understand the details of the natural phenomenon. For both sons and the daughters, periods should be normalized.

Grace, Feminine, Beautiful or maybe a Warrior

Parents should include self-defense in the basic teachings for a child because gone are those days when our country was safe and had people who wouldn’t harm you. This self-defense should be for both sons and the daughters of a family. Instead of just sending them to school, do send them to academies which prepares your child for the worst.

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