Modern Parenting: How to teach patience to your kid?

How to teach patience to your kid: 3 tips for teaching patience

The only thing that today we all need is ‘More Patience’. This world would become a much better place if we all will learn how to keep patience. The level of patience is declining day by day, especially in our young generation. Today, everything is just a click away. Be it food, clothes, gadgets for that matter toys. This is one the major reasons that today’s generation lack patience. But patience is a very important part of one’s personality. If someone knows how to keep patience in a tough situation, half of the work is already done. So, it is important to teach patience to your child right from the beginning. Here are 3 tips for teaching patience.
Note: The best way to teach patience is to practice patience. Well, some people are naturally more patient than others. But we can always practice it to master it.

1. Engage your child in Gardening

In most of the activities, children get results quickly. To teach them patience engage them in gardening. They will understand that you need to do hard work to get good results. When he will take part in gardening his efforts will bear fruits slowly. Let your child sow seeds, water it every day, and see seeds growing into a big plant. Guide them whenever required. This way you will help your child to become more patient.

2. Don’t scold them when they act stubborn

A lot of parents end up scolding their kids when they act stubborn. It is important to address the issue of the child. Make him/her understand everything will happen at the right time. Beating or scolding will just make them more stubborn. Handover him or her little money and tell them to utilize it. Make them understand the difference need and want.

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3. Play finger on lips often with your kid

Silence is an important part of patience. Whenever you get time play finger on lips with your kid (The silent game) You can set a timer and tell your children to sit quietly. Just monitor whether they are sitting quietly or not. This can prove a true test for your munchkin. If they pass the test appreciate them. This will motivate them, and slowly they will understand the importance of patients.

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