Election 2019: Model Code of Conduct gets effective, what does it mean?

code of conduct
code of conduct

Model Code of Conduct gets effective, what does it mean?

Recently, the Election Commission of India announced the full schedule of Seven phase Lok Sabha Polls which are slated to begin on April 11. EC also informed that the Model Code of Conduct has also come into force from the very same day.  Model Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India to regulate political parties and candidates prior to elections. The guidelines issued are related to speeches, polling day, polling booths conduct, portfolios, written manifestos, processions, and general conduct. Code of Conduct is announced to observe free and fair elections.

code of conduct
Code of conduct

What is the Model Code of Conduct?

During elections, the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect. The MCC comes into force from the date the election schedule is announced until the date results are out. The code of conduct is first sent to the party in power, and it is revised if required. Notably,  no scheme or project could be pulled off after the announcement. The party must also avoid advertising at the cost of the pecuniary resource or using official mass media for publicity on achievements to increase the probable chances of victory in the elections. Model Code of Conduct comes under Article 324 of the constitution.

What are the rules that the Ruling party has to follow?

1. The Ruling Party can’t use Government service during their campaign, which means they are like all other parties during elections.

2. They are not allowed to use government transport or any machinery. Religion is a sensitive issue in India which can cause a lot may be destruction too. No party is not allowed to conduct talks on religions to lure votes also where one cannot campaign near worship places.

3. The 48 hour time duration before the closing of the polls is called the “Election Silence”. There are several officials who are being recruited to keep a check that all parties abide by the rules and regulations. The election time also offers an open platform to file a complaint when the code of conduct is violated.

4. This year, the Election Commission of India has even announced guidelines for the usage of Social media.


The Chief of Election Commissioner Sunil Arora called a meeting for all parties to brief them about the code of conduct. He also briefed them about the importance of following the code of conduct. Preparations for the Election 2019 is in full swing. Political parties are leaving no stone unturned in promoting their ideas. The results will be announced on May 23. Finally, the countdown has begun and the entire nation is gearing up for the upcoming elections.

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