Mob -Lynching kab tak? Who is responsible for incidents like Palghar

If mob-lynching will be encouraged, this will keep happening

Three people including two Sadhus and a driver were beaten to death by villagers in Palghar on suspicion that they were thieves. The incident took place on April 16 when the three men were heading  towards Surat in a car to attend the funeral. Palgarh police have arrested 110 people in the incident which includes 9 juvenile. 101 people are in police custody while juveniles have been sent to a juvenile home.

BJP demanded a high-level probe in the Palghar mob lynching case after the video went viral on Sunday. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has said that stern action will be taken against the people who were involved in the lynching.

Another day, another lynching, we will talk about it for a few days and soon the concern will fade away. Majority of us will not care if the mob will be punished or not because who cares? 

Mob-lynching is normal

The Killing by a mob is normal for us now. News about mob-lynching cases come and go. For a fact, there have been 266 small or large mob-lynching cases since 2014, as per a report by newsclick.in. Now, it has become normal and it doesn’t affect us anymore.. We have started to think that it has become normal that mob has killed someone without understanding that the same mob can come to our home too.

When mob-lynching gets indirectly encouraged on a regular basis for political benefits this is what happens. It’s just that, we don’t know that this can backfire on us. If you will make the mob kill people and get away with it easily, then surely they will think that they can do whenever they want.

Police says they have registered FIR against 110 people. Are we sure that these people or any of them will be convicted? You won’t even care about them after 3 to 4 weeks. We will forget about the incident and move on to some other big news. How many of the accused were convicted in the Dadri case, Alwar case and Jharkhand lynching cases?

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What happened in other famous lynching cases?

In the Dadri lynching case, police filed FIR against the family of murdered, Mohammad Akhlaq over suspicion of eating beef. On the other hand, 16 of the total 19 accused in this case were invited by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to be a part in his election rallies. All the 6 accused in the Pehlu Khan lynching case were acquitted by the court of Addition District Judge in Alwar. Jharkhand police dropped the murder charge against the 11 accused in the Tabrej Ansari mob lynching case also known as Jharkhand lynching case.

There is a pattern in all the lynching cases. Poor and vulnerable are attacked. Have you heard stories of mob killing a famous, established or rich person? No, you haven’t, because they can hire good lawyers who will then take down the accused.

If we don’t stop encouraging people to do the sin of killing, then a day will come when they might use this for personal gain and come to your house. So, let’s understand this very clearly that killing someone is not normal even though the victim is a thief, murderer, rapist or religious offender. There are police and courts in the country. It is their work to punish these people not you and me.

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