Mission Shakti has become the biggest ‘Shakti’of Modi Government

Mission Shakti has given India a big edge in Space Warfare

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Mission Shakti on Wednesday. India made its way into an elite club “Space Super Powers” as its anti-satellite missile A-SAT successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth Orbit in just three minutes. It was indeed a very big achievement for our nation. Notably, so far only three countries – the US, Russia &China had this technology.   Election 2019 is around the corner. In that case, this was one of the biggest announcements made by the Modi government.  Political parties all across the nation are doing campaigns and coming out with the list of candidates as elections are approaching.

How the event unfolded?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the feat and said, “I assure the international community that our capability won’t be used anyone but is purely India’s defense initiative for its security.”  He further added, “We are against an arms race in space and this test won’t breach any international law or treaties.”

Mission Shakti is a Path-breaking: Here is why?

    1. It is one of the very important decisions announced by the Modi government. It was a historic moment. Earlier, only three countries had it- The US, Russia & China. Mission Shakti has made India a member of an elite group of countries.
    1. Anti – Satellite technology has increased India’s credentials. Notably, for many decades India was kept away from acquiring key technologies, forcing the country to develop its own.
  1. It is developed keeping in mind the security of India. It is the most potent military tools for the armed forces, according to analysts.

Credit goes to DRDO Team too

DRDO Team has put a lot of efforts in making this possible and they deserve applause. Opposition tweeted about the latest achievement of India and lauded DRDO and ISRO for their achievement.  It was a difficult target to achieve but it was completed within three –minutes of launch.

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