Mint and its cooling effects: How to include it in your diet?

Here is how you can include mint in your diet?

Well, mint has a bucket full health benefits. It activates salivary glands; it gets the digestive juice flowing which soothes stomach inflammation. Mint banishes headaches. It is also helpful in dealing with congestion as compounds in mint aid can open up the nasal passage, as well as those of the lungs and bronchi. The most common benefit of mint is that it makes our breath fresh and inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the mouth.

Make exotic drinks with mint leaves

Including mint in your diet means easing the discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It slows the growth of many harmful bacteria. It can be helpful for allergies and asthma .Mint contains a phytonutrients called perillyl alcohol, which has been shown to prevent the formation of colon, skin and lung cancer.

How you can use mint in your diet?

Use in salad: Chop up a few leaves and add them to your salad along with some freshly grated ginger and lemon zest. The flavour combo is amazing and adds a great summery flare to your favourite salad.

Jazz up your water: Flavour your water or lemonade with some smashed mint leaves.

Cooling Effects of mint

Fancy Ice Cubes: Adding chopped mint leaves or even mint tea to your ice cube tray is super cute and makes for fun summer sipping. Pop these ice cubes into your guests’ drinks at a party or into your blender for a minty smoothie

Add To Chocolate: You will agree that mint-chocolate is a match made in heaven. Take your raw coco loving to a whole new level by adding a few mint leaves into recipes.

Juice It: Mint adds an amazing freshness to any pressed juice. Try it with some apple, cucumber and lemon. You might always want to swap the apple for watermelon if you have some on hand.

Make Tea: Fresh mint, chopped or even just mashed up a little and added to hot water makes a delicious digestive soothing tea.

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