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Minimum wages in Delhi to increase by 11%, Who all be affected

Know what are the minimum wages set for Skilled and Unskilled labour

The Supreme Court allowed the Delhi government to notify the enhanced rates to be applied on workers in the national capital. The Minimum wages in the National Capital Region is all set to rise after the Supreme Court decision.

Gopal Rai, Delhi Labour said that the new rates amounting to an increase of around 11 per cent is to be notified before Diwali.

What are Minimum Wages?

Minimum wages as the name suggests sets the parameter that workers are legally entitled to be paid.

The rates in Delhi are fixed by taking basics into account that a family of four members requires to spend on food, housing, education, clothes, power, and fuel, to lead a life with dignity.

How often wages are revised?

Minimum wages are revised across the country time to time. In Delhi, last such revision was done in March 2017. Earlier, the rates were fixed at Rs 13,350 for unskilled labour, 16,182 for skilled labour and 14,698 for semi-skilled labour.

The labour minister of Delhi said that meeting of the Labour Department has been called to iron out the procedural formalities relating to the notification on October 21.Till, then the workers are entitled to rates which were notified in March 2017.

The stipulations for minimum wages are violated time to time. There are times when employers transfer the legally mandated amount to worker’s bank account to evade penalty but they take back money informally by the employee in cash.

How AAP is playing its role?

After the Aam Aadmi Party government had notified enhanced minimum wages in 2017, Delhi High Court quashed the order of AAP government order. The Delhi High Court argued that the hike violated the norms and that it was done in a hurried manner without consulting employees and employers. Then the Delhi government rejected the assertion of the High Court.

Later, a Special Leave Petition was filed in the apex court. The Petition sought restoration of the notification. The Supreme Court ordered that the wages notified in March 2017 will “hold field” until the pendency of the SLP on October 31, 2018.

The SC asked the government to re-do the whole exercise of fixing the minimum wages for the scheduled employment afresh following the rule under Section 5(1) a or 5(1) b of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948.

The government then carried the entire exercise and a new set of rates arrived. The proposed rates, which are to be notified, are Rs 14,842 for unskilled labour, Rs 17,991 for skilled labour and Rs 16,341 for semi-skilled labour.

A senior governmental official was seen saying that the new rates will be applicable on all categories of workers, eligible as per the Minimum Wages Act. However, the eligibility conditions include putting in a minimum of eight hours of work, having a contract”.

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Will the minimum wages apply to home maids?

Some segments of workers such as domestic help are not likely to get benefit from the notification as the nature of job isn’t official, said the Delhi Official.

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