Mercedes Hit & Run case, Bail denied for the Juvenile Offender


The juvenile in the Mercedes hit and run on April 4 failed to get bail for the second time as the Juvenile Justice Board rejected his plea again. The juvenile turned 18 after four days when his car hit the 32-year-old Siddharth Sharma.

Since last Sunday he was remanded in correctional home where he allegedly surrendered himself to the police.

The Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) having his case, cited various reason for denial, but the major reasons were the past driving records of the juvenile and the various challans issued against him. Even bad parenting was also among the reasons.

The juvenile’s parents and few family member were present at the proceedings, while the victim’s family was represented by the victim’s sister Shilpa and her husband Yogesh along with their lawyer.

The police records state that the juvenile has a past history of traffic violations including over speeding, and he was also involved in in a minor traffic accident at North Delhi’s Maurice Nagar in December 2015 which was settled. It later came to light that the juvenile had forged the signature on the settlement paper to avoid further detection.

According to Shilpa who attended the proceedings, the judge said, “The parents knew about his rash driving and yet gave him the heavy machinery. This not only endangered the life of the juvenile but also the life of the people on the streets.”

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