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Mental Health: The Crisis is Real

Physical health is important, but so is mental health

The last two years were not good. This is a universally accepted fact. These two years have wrecked havoc on every single person of the world. The distress and worry caused have had an adverse effect on all of us.

Be it our physical health or mental health, the pandemic has taken a toll on us. But blaming the pandemic alone for our mental stress is not right. Much before the pandemic there was a significant decline in the quality of people’s mental health. According to the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (2017)

“about 200 million or 20 crore people have mental disorders in the country,”.

Now, it is important to note that not all of these 20 crore people receive proper help. According to NMHS (National Mental Health Survey), more than 80% of these go untreated. Not only this, many do not even know that they have a problem. And if they do not know this, they must also know that they can actually receive help in these matters.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself If You Are Doing These Things

There are various organisations in India that actually provide the needed counsel for free or for a nominal fee. Many such organisations also have toll-free helpline numbers available. Many have chat options or help support on their websites. Many such organisations have therapists or counselor on spot for an offline consultation.

There are several well know mental health facilities, while there are some unknown ones. Here we have listed a few such organisations that you can turn to for help.

  1. The Fortis Mental Health

The website of Fortis Mental Heath is very user-friendly and quite accessible. It lists out various initiatives and projects and ongoing programs of the organisation. It has a chat section, a appointment booking section, well laid out informative page. It also shows all the places where they provide clinical facilities.

Helpline no: +918376804102

  1. The Banyan

The Banyan is a non profit organization working to spread knowledge about mental health and encourage its practice in all sections of society. It provides comprehensive services for people with mental illness living in poverty and homelessness and their families.The Banyan mainly works in the state of Tamil Nadu.

You can contact them via:  044 – 26530504, 26530599

  1. Manas Foundation

‘To create and promote inclusive communities and institutions that are mentally healthy, equal and empathetic to all.’ This is the aim of Manas Foundation. The foundation claims to shift the focus from the medical model of well-being and focus on the person; not on the mental illnesses.

They conduct individual and group counselling, training and sensitisation workshops.

You can contact them via:

Phones: + 91 11 4170 8517

E-mail : info@manas.org.in

  1. Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF)

SCARF has been a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center since 1996. It is a non profit organization founded by mental health professionals and philanthropists. It is based in Chennai and offers a multidisciplinary, comprehensive range of

psychiatric care and rehabilitation services.

You can contact them via:

Phone: + 91 – 44 – 2615 3971 / 2615 1073

E-mail: scarfaccounts@gmail.com


  1. AASRA

Aasra is a crisis intervention centre for the lonely, distressed and suicidal. It’s aim to help prevent and manage mental illness by providing voluntary, professional and essentially confidential care and support to the depressed & the suicidal. Remember, seeking help does not make you weak. Your own life should be your first priority.

You can contact them via:

Phone: 91-9820466726

E-mail: aasrahelpline@yahoo.com

The organisations, helping people deal with their mental disorders or stress, are not only limited to these. There are many other organisations who also provide mental healthcare.

If ever you feel that you need some help or are unable to cope with your mental distress, it is always good to talk to trained professionals. There are many free mental health clinics and many organisations that offer affordable mental health care.

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