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World Mental Health Day 2019: ‘40 Seconds of action’, let’s take a look at Suicide Trends in India

World Mental Health Day 2019 theme is ‘40 seconds of Action’, let’s take a look at Suicide Trends in India

Every year October 10th  is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. Mental health is equally as important as our physical health.  But a lot of people don’t talk about it. There are so many stigmas attached to mental health, and people are scared of judgements. If not treated or addressed at the right time, mental health can become fatal. Depression, anxiety, and permanent negative thoughts can become Suicidal. World Mental Health Day 2019 theme is ‘40 seconds of Action’ to raise awareness on Suicide Prevention. Let’s take a look at suicide trends in India.

Why it is important to talk about Mental Health?

The fear of judgment is the biggest obstacle when it comes to mental health. We need to understand that mental health is equally as important as physical health.  Talking more and more about it will create awareness among people. Your one step towards medication can encourage others too.  Family and friends should always come forth so that the person suffering from mental illness should not feel lonely. Studies of untreated mental illness indicate that people who don’t undergo treatment for their condition are more likely to end up in a crime situation.  According to a report, untreated mental illness is 2.7 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime.  That’s why it is really important to talk about it.

World Mental Health Day 2019 theme is ‘40 seconds of Action’

World Mental Health Day 2019 them is 40 seconds of Action to spread awareness on suicide prevention. According to a report by the World Health Organisation, around 8 lakh people die due to suicide every year.  It is a global phenomenon and occurs throughout the life span. 79 percent of suicides occurred in low and middle-income countries in 2016. Notably, suicide was 18th leading cause of death in 2016.  It is important to talk about suicide prevention because a lot of lives are on stake, they need words of compassion. They need acceptance and they need words of motivation to give themselves a second chance.

Suicide Trends in India

Well, there could be various triggers for suicides such as depression, mental health conditions, stress and so on. But in India, the main reasons for suicides were financial distress, bankruptcy, and change in economic status. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 2015, 3.3 percent suicides committed in India were due to the above said reasons.

In India, suicide has been pointed out has “Public Health Crisis” by many researchers.  Between 1990 and 2016, India has seen 40.1 percent in the number of deaths due to suicide annually.  A recent Lancet study has stated that suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in India. The situation is alarming and that’s why it is important to talk about it.

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List of Indian Celebrities who talked about their mental health, and why we should take notes from them?

In young country like India it is important to spread the word. In India, people have great confidence in celebrities, especially youth. In that case, if someone who is prominent talks about mental health issues it leaves a great impact. We are thankful to Deepika Padukone who started off this, and then a lot of people came out. Deepika has become a huge inspiration for so many people out there. Deepika even went on to start her website Live, Love, Laugh Foundation which exclusively talks about Mental health issues.  Celebrities like Karan Johar, Honey Singh, Illeana D’cruz  and many others who came out and talked out their experience.

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All we need to do is offer a more accepting society to people who are suffering from mental health issues. We need to throw out the fear of judgement from people’s mind so that they can talk about it. Remember everything begins within. If you have any friend or any family member, do give them a helping hand.

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