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Break menstruation Taboos: Check this amazing website Menstrupedia by Aditi Gupta

How Menstrupedia is spreading awareness about Periods?

Well, let us understand it with a very practical example. Imagine you are sitting on the bench of a park and there is a 13-year-old boy playing in front of you and broke his left knee. In that case, your responsibility will be to help him. Now, imagine the same thing with a 13-year-old girl playing in front of you and got red stains on her clothes. What will be your first reaction to the situation?

If we see the bigger picture there is not much difference in both the cases. If the person is bleeding due to physical injury, then it’s a matter of concern and if a girl is bleeding due to biological reason then it becomes a taboo.

Since ages, women have been facing difficulties related to their period. There are two categories of problems faced by them. There are various stigmas associated with it. In India, it is considered as a taboo. People think menstruation is’impure’.

Menstrupedia: Friendly guide to healthy periods

To help women tackle problems, Aditi Gupta spreads awareness through her website Menstrupedia: a friendly guide to healthy periods”. It is a helpful website for girls and women in facing problems related to the period. Her team includes passionate people. It is a small step but definitely an important one to remove the myths and misunderstanding regarding period.

The team includes of the founder, Aditi Gupta, Co-founder Tuhin Pual and Rajat Mittal, Medical Advisor Dr. Mahadeo Bhide and Story Editor Divya Rosaline.

Aditi’s main objective is to make sure that the content gives a clear view of every lady keeping aside the age.

What kind of awareness Aditi is spreading?

The website shares each and every detail about the topic.

How important is it for a woman to know her body?

What is puberty?

1. Emotional changes occurring during the cycle

2. Change in diet plans

3. Introduction to the female reproductive system

4. Phases of the menstrual cycle

5. Hygiene-related questions

6. Myths related to menstruation

Like these questions, there are many more details shared by the website which help ladies fight with the problems.

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Some less known facts about the Periods

1. Period disorders can cause bleeding through eyes.

2. Periods can worsen the symptoms of asthma.

3. A sound of one’s voice gets changed during periods

4. The flow while taking hormonal birth control isn’t a real period.

5. The flow of blood is a lot less than you actually think.

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