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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021: Aditi Gupta explains how to deal with Periods in Pandemic?

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021:  How to deal with Periods in Pandemic?

Every year May 28 is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene Day. The theme of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 is ‘Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health’. Every year on May 28, non –governmental organizations, the private sector, the media, and the individuals come together to celebrate menstrual hygiene day and highlight the importance of maintaining hygiene during periods. A year into the pandemic and many menstruators faced challenges when it came to managing their periods. Be it their issues related to pain, blood clots, or as basic as getting sanitary napkins, especially in rural India.

Last year, the theme was Periods in Pandemic and the idea was to highlight how the challenges faced by menstruators during their monthly cycle have worsened due to the ongoing pandemic. But there are many menstrual educators who are trying their best to answer the most asked questions on how to deal with Periods during Pandemic. One of them is Aditi Gupta, founder of Menstrupedia, who is relentlessly working to spread awareness on how to deal with periods during the pandemic. There are so many things that young girls want to know, they have queries. She keeps on doing live sessions where she answers period questions.

A little bit about Menstrupedia – Just in case if you don’t know

Menstrupedia is the world’s most creative way to learn and teach about menstruation and menstrupedia was the first Indian comic book on periods.  Aditi Gupta keeps holding live session from the official page of menstrupedia, where she talks about myths and tries to spread awareness as much as she can. Recently, we stumbled upon the page and here a few things that we found quite interesting and useful. Take a look and do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

With the ongoing pandemic, there is a lot of confusion over getting a vaccine. Aditi took to Instagram and bust the myth. You can safely go for your vaccination. Many social media posts claimed that taking the vaccine during your period can be dangerous but it was fake.

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What to do when you have irregular periods?

As Aditi explains that there could be any reason for irregular periods but it has to do a lot with your lifestyle. One should practice a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food, going for a walk, taking enough sleep and practising yoga. All these things can be really helpful.

Menstrual Hygiene Day
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Severe Cramps – It is time to discuss and be vocal about it

During a live session, Aditi said, If you have severe cramps during your periods, then be vocal about it. Talk to an expert or tell your parents so that you can get the guidance on same.  Simple remedies to get rid of the pain is to take medicine as prescribed by the gynaecologist and you can also use a hot bottle bag.

One should avoid junk food and cold drinks

Well, period the pain usually happens due to the contraction of the muscles. But it is always advisable to avoid cold drinks and junk food avoid during your periods. One should follow a healthy lifestyle and consume iron-rich food and vitamin c to avoid period pain.

How to reach out to Gynecologist during the pandemic?

Okay! It is another important question – Just at a time when we were expecting that things are cooling down, the second wave of COVID-19 battered India. In that case, many menstruators are now contacting their gynecologist via video calls. Practo, an independent medical website, compiled a report and revealed that Practo’s telemedicine platform grew by more than 250 percent since the coronavirus outbreak. The data further revealed that one in three queries were from women and it was gynecology–related. It is now just a matter of one click. Get your consultation online.

In a tweet, UNICEF said, “Periods don’t stop for Pandemic -it’s every menstruators’ right to manage her period safely and with dignity.” With the help of mestrueducators like Aditi, we are able to get answers to our questions and thanks to online consultation that has made our lives easy.

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