#MenHealth: How to maintain hairstyle after salon session?


8 tips which will help your hairstyle last longer

Walking out of the salon feels nothing less than a superstar. But it’s not easy to maintain the charismatic hairstyle for which you paid a hefty amount. Any hairstyle loses its shape after a week.  We know that you don’t want to spend a lot of money every week on maitaining hairstyle. We are going to suggest some bang-on tips which will help you maintain your hairstyle for a long time.

There are two types of people, One who want their hair to grow faster and thicker and the other who wants to slow down the hair growth. Let us be clear that there is no way that you can slow down the growth of your hair. Here are a few tips which will save a good chunk of money and you can avoid the barber for two a couple of weeks longer and

Tips will help you in maintaining hairstyle.

  1. Go for a low maintenance Haircut

We want to suggest you go for low maintenance haircut.  Go for a High Skin Fade+ Line Up + Hard Side Part, Razor Fade+ Line Design+ Buzz Cut, Shaved Sides+ Short Textured+ Spiked Front, Short Sides+ Thick Comb Over, or Disconnected Undercut + Brushed Back Hair haircut. You won’t need a lot of Wax, Gel, and Clay to keep your hair uptight. Hair will stay the way it was cut in the saloon for the majority part of the day.

   2. Style your hair before leaving home

It is very important to style your hair before you leave for work or college.  Talk to your hairstylist how you could maintain it on a daily basis. Use a hair blow-dryer to shape your hairstyle and once it is done, apply the hair wax, gel or clay to hold your hairstyle whole day. Once you come back home in the evening, wash your hair so that the wax or gel doesn’t damage your scalp. Apply oil to your hairs and leave it overnight. Shampoo it in the morning,  and then again style your hair with blow-dryer and wax.  We are not asking you to shampoo your hair daily. Shampoo your hair twice or thrice only otherwise hairs may lose the natural oil.

3. Get a hairstyle which suits you

Don’t copy your hairstyle from your friend or a model. Ask your hairstylist, “which hairstyle will suit your face type.”  The haircut by hairstylist will not require a lot of maintenance as it has been cut according to your face.

4. Use Salon professional products

We suggest you to always use salon professional products rather than local products.  Professional will suggest you those products which match your hair type and it will not damage your hair. Local product may increase hair fall or create other damages.

5. Don’t forget to use conditioner 

A conditioner is a must to avoid dry out of your hair.  Using a conditioner protects your hair from losing too much oil while shampooing and brings back the moisture.  Different scalps and hair types require different products and levels of conditioning and shampooing. A well-cared hair will look healthy and haircut will last longer.

  1.    Use the right tools

Successful hair maintenance requires proper tools that won’t harm your hair or call for a new haircut.  Use heat protectors before you blow-dry your hair. Various hair serums are available in the market to protect your hair from the heat of hair blow-dryer.  Grab the right comb or brush according to your hair type and hairstyle. Lots of brushes and combs are available online and in the market to keep your hair tangle-free. For example- A wide-toothed comb is perfect for thick, mid to long hair as it stokes your waves into shape and creates an amazing texture.

  1. Give a day off to your hair

Like your body requires weekends to rest and do extra activities, same way hair also needs rest one day. We would suggest you keep your day-off for hair on Friday.  Make Friday a casual Friday and don’t style your hair with products and blow-dryer.  We are suggesting Friday because on weekends you might want to get out and we don’t want to ruin your weekend pictures because of a casual hairstyle. You could use a stylish hat or a casual hairstyle will work. A different hairstyle will also provide variations in your looks.

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  1. Skip the 15 days rule

If your hair hasn’t changed its shape and is relatively healthy then don’t go for a haircut in 15 days. Lots of guys have a rule of shedding their hair after 15 days. Wait for a haircut until your haircut is a month old.  But if you want to keep your hair the exact same length, then you are allowed for a 15 days rule.

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