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Leaving becomes hard, Men reveal how they feel in love!

Men reveal how they feel in love on the internet & we decided to decode it  for women

Love is a beautiful feeling and once in a lifetime we all experience it. Everyone has their own experiences when it comes to love. For some it is love at first sight and for it is a gradual process.  As they say – Kabhi – Kabhi kayi  Mulaqate Lagti aur Kabhi ek hi mulaqat kaafi hoti hai yeh samjhne ke liye Ki – She or He is the one

The feeling of love is different for men and women. They react differently when they are actually in love.  When a woman is in love she will go extra mile for her partner and will try to learn about all his habits – the way you like your coffee to your sleep pattern. However, it is different for men. Recently, a woman on  Reddit asked men how they react when they are actually in love? Here are some of the honest answers by men. Be it on text or physically saying bye to her is the worst thing to do, men reveal how they feel in love.

men reveal how they feel in love

1. We ask for opinions when it comes to choosing clothes

One of the users on Reddit wrote that I prefer asking it from my partner when it comes to choosing clothes. I feel happy and it really matters! 

2. Ego doesn’t come in between- Never! Ever

When it comes to love. Saying sorry is not a problem. At any given point I can say sorry and end the fight. I just can’t stop talking to her.

3. She is the first person to call whenever I receive important news

Being love sharing every important detail with your partner. Whenever I receive an important message she is the first person I share it with. It is in my system, I have to tell her.

 men reveal how they feel in love
Source- India Forums

4. Can’t stop thinking about them

24×7 she is on my mind and that’s what love is. We just can’t stop thinking about the woman we love.  We actually find ways to talk to our partner and know everything about her.

5. Her happiness and success matter!  

For the first time, I was genuinely happy for someone. Watching her succeeding in life and doing things she always wanted to do made me the happiest person on the earth. That day I realized it was love.

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6. When you feel leaving is just impossible

Be it on text or physically, leaving becomes the most difficult thing in this world. All-day long we want to stay close to our partner.

men reveal how they feel in love
Image Source- Unsplash

7. The undivided attention

One of the Reddit users wrote when men are in love they give undivided attention to their partner. We actually make our special someone our priority. Girls it is easy to figure out if he is giving all his attention to you, he is definitely in love. 

8. The Hot and Cold behavior

To be honest, many men do this. The hot and cold behavior. We can be weird sometimes because the realization of being in love gives us goosebumps. When we know she is the one a lot of times we act weird in front of her.

9. Share our secrets

Sharing secrets are not easy for men. They often share it with their male friends due to their bromance code. When it comes to love, they never forget to share their things with their partner.

10. Duniya bhar Ki tareefe : It is a common sign that a man is in love

We tell our partner how gorgeous she is. How well she is doing in her life and often tell them that we are lucky to have them in our life.

So ladies if you are still trying to figure out what is he thinking? Refer to this list. If you are the first person on his dial list, he shares everything with you and bombards you with compliments, then either he has fallen for you or is in the process of falling in love. Men reveal how they feel in love on Reddit when a woman asked them and we shortlisted the best answers.

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